AcCEPT Proficiency - Level 9

This level has been designed to test the candidate's effective use of the English language. An extended piece of written work that is clearly well organised and may involve opinions and/or discussion of the 'pros/cons' of a set issue is an important part of the test. Accuracy in writing and reading is vital as is the need to be able to use the English language in a way that is the 'norm' within certain social or learning contexts. The candidate will need to respond to what they hear with a high level of precision and basically be able to provide evidence they would be comfortable in any 'social or professional exchanges'.

The student has a very good active vocabulary and structural understanding, and can therefore undertake a course of study in English in further or higher education. The student can successfully

  • write clear, organised text on descriptive, narrative, or discursive topics, including giving opinion and explaining the advantages and disadvantages of a given issue
  • write letters, both formal and informal
  • read and respond to a longer text on any topic, concrete or abstract
  • provide an accurate summary of a text
  • use language to perform any function likely to arise in a normal social or learning context
  • manipulate structures to create emphasis, and vary style and idiom
  • listen and respond accurately to passages and questions in a variety of forms and contexts, delivered at a normal speaking pace

Examination Tips:

By level 9, AcCEPT Proficiency, the format of the test remains familiar but the candidate is not tied to a list of structures, showing he/she has a good enough active vocabulary and grammatical understanding to undertake a course of study in English in Further or Higher Education. Click to view AcCEPT Proficiency Exam Tips

Sample Papers:

(The sound file should be used in conjuction with the listening paper)

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