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Anglia Exams Accreditation and Credentials

Anglia Examinations has been owned by Chichester College Group since 1993. Anglia are partners with AIM Qualifications and Assessment Group who are regulated by Ofqual to standardise the qualifications in order to maintain confidence in the high quality exams of Anglia Examinations.

Five Reasons to Trust Anglia Exams 

  1. We apply rigourous standards to our exams, we will never compromise on the quality and robustness of our qualifications.
  2. Our four highest level of exams are accredited by AIM Qualification & Assessments Group who are regulated by Ofqual.
  3. Anglia Examinations is a wholly owned subsidiary of the Chichester College Group who are now the largest college group in South East of England.
  4. Our exams are mapped to the Common European of References for Languages (CEFR) so that you can see how our levels compare.
  5. Many universities, employers and local governments around the world recognise our qualifications. New institutions are formally recognising Anglia English language exams on a regular basis.

You can now gain UCAS tariff points for our highest level exam (Mastery General English CEFR C2),  which means that holders of this qualification will secure UCAS points to count towards university admissions in the UK.


University, Employer and Institutional Recognition


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