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The Universities and Colleges Admissions Service

UCAS is a charity based in the UK aimed at helping people make connections with higher education. UCAS provide information, advice and guidance on gaining entry into higher education in the UK.

In 2019 UCAS helped over 2.79 million applicants with their admissions to universities and colleges in the UK.

What are UCAS Points?

UCAS points, also referred to as the "UCAS Tariff" are a way of ascribing approximate value to post 16 qualifications in the UK. Each qualification approved by UCAS is given a tariff score and the higher the grade you get, the more UCAS points that are awarded. Many universities base their selection criteria on how many UCAS points an applicant has. Achieving an "A" grade for an AS level typically attracts around 20 points whereas a full A Level graded at "B" scores around 40 points.

AIM Qualifications Level 3 Certificate in ESOL International (Anglia Mastery) 

The Anglia Mastery C2 CEFR English Exam has been awarded UCAS tariff points!

As at May 2021 the tariff points allocated are as follows:

Level Attained UCAS Tariff Points
Pass (P) 16 Points
Merit (M) 20 Points
Distinction (D) 24 Points


UCAS Tariff Points Calculator

You can check your tariff point allocation on the UCAS site. Simply type the word "Anglia" into the box entitled "My Qualifications" and enter either "P", "D" or "M" depending on whether your achieved a pass, merit or distinction.

UCAS Tariff Point Calculator