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He _______ to admit responsibility for the accident.
Not until the police arrived _______ the door.
He was green with _______ when he saw his friend's new car.
We have _______ of bread. Could you get some more at the shop?
She really wishes she _______ all summer camping at the lake.
Before you set off on the motorway, you _______ get some petrol.
I really hope _______ him again soon.
Under no circumstances _______ to use this machine.
If you _______ so much at lunchtime, you wouldn't feel so sleepy now.
She went as white as a _______ when she heard the news.
She lived in Japan for years but she never got used _______ miso soup for breakfast.
I wish he _______ that job in Australia. I really miss him.
I'd rather you _______ your boots in the house.
Not only _______ give us the wrong food, but it was cold too!
_______ not been for the price of the tickets, we would have gone to the concert.
It's about time the children _______ their own rooms.
They _______ gotten lost on the way. They didn't take a map.
Which word in paragraph 3 means the same as suitable?
Which word in paragraph 2 means the opposite of typical?
Which word in paragraph 2 means the same as speed up?
Bones of the Megalosaurus bucklandii were previously found in Oxfordshire.
Scientists are certain that the tracks were made by Megalosaurus bucklandii.
These are the largest dinosaur tracks that Dr Day has studied.
What did the tracks show the scientists?
What does the text tell us about theropods?
What was Megalosaurus bucklandii probably doing when it made the tracks?
For questions 154 – 163, you need to read this text about a discovery of dinosaur footprints first.

The tracks of a predatory dinosaur have been discovered at a quarry in Oxfordshire. The remarkable tracks - each one is 31 inches long by 21 inches wide - were unearthed at Ardley Quarry in Oxfordshire by scientists from Cambridge University and the Oxford University Museum of Natural History. The latest discovery is the first of its kind anywhere in Britain. The tracks were left as the dinosaur, a close relative of the famous meat-eater Tyrannosaurus Rex, first walked then suddenly started running, probably chasing a meal. They probably belong to a 26-foot tall theropod named Megalosaurus Bucklandii - which was the first dinosaur ever identified and named. Theropods, the only meat-eating dinosaurs, walked upright on two legs. Theropods varied in size but all had a long, muscular tail in relation to their size, which they carried straight out behind them for balance. Their forelimbs, or arms, were short and thin. They had teeth like kitchen knives.

The tracks give us important clues about how it chased its prey. They show that these large two-legged dinosaurs, which lived in the Middle Jurassic period, about 163 million years ago, were able to accelerate to almost 20 miles an hour - much faster than previously thought. The findings will alter scientists' ideas about the way it hunted. "We knew that the small theropods could run fast, but before we found these tracks, it wasn't clear if the same was true for large theropods,"said Dr Julia Day of Cambridge University. They also show that they walked in a very strange way, with their feet wide apart, almost like a clown with big feet. When these animals ran, however, their feet landed almost directly one in front of the other, using an efficient style like an Olympic runner.

The research team, led by Doctor Day, published their results in the journal Nature. They say that Megalosaurus Bucklandii is the most likely dinosaur to have left the tracks, but they cannot absolutely confirm this. Paul Upchurch of Cambridge University said, "We can't prove exactly what it is at the moment but we can say that it is a fairly big theropod dinosaur and the leading candidate is Megalosaurus Bucklandii. We know that this type of dinosaur existed in Oxfordshire at the same time because we have found fossils of its bones from that period, and it was an appropriate size to have left these prints."

How many of these tracks had been found in Britain before this discovery?
I'm hungry. I wish I _______ a sandwich to bring with me.
He'd have been really cross, if she _______ the car.
Beth's brother sometimes lets her _______ his iPad.
The box _______ in a cupboard in the attic.
Please wait by the door until the taxi _______.
If she ate more, she _______ so hungry all the time.
Little _______ we realise that our phones didn't work.
They shouldn't _______ the money in the car.
If Gerry _______ the newspapers, he would understand politics more.
It's not worth _______ into town. The shop closes in 30 minutes.
Our shopping is _______ delivered later today.
If she'd fallen down the steps, she _______ all the glass.
Don't put _______ going to the dentist. The problem will only get worse.
I went to the doctor to have my eyes _______.
She was offered a job in San Francisco, but she turned it _______.
No sooner had the exam started _______ the fire alarm rang.
She _______ the whole story. None of it was true.
After _______ on the beach all day, they were all sunburnt.
He _______ have taken the bus. The taxi was really expensive.
Which is the odd one out in this set?
Which is the odd one out in this set?
Which is the odd one out in this set?
Which is the odd one out in this set?
Which is the odd one out in this set?
Which is the odd one out in this set?
Which is the odd one out in this set?
Which is the odd one out in this set?
She decided to buy the house _______ the busy road outside.
The fire alarm went _______ in the middle of the night.
What are they all looking _______?
She really wants her father to give _______ smoking.
This is my boss' son, _______ also works for the company.
Which is the odd one out in this set?
She is frightened _______ snakes and frogs.
If the music _______ so loud, I would have heard the phone.
He's just had his bike _______. It was very expensive.
The plane couldn't take _______ because of the fog.
Which word in paragraph 3 means the same as risen?
Which word in paragraph 1 means the opposite of short?
In 1974, what change was made to the rules of the race?
Last year, the race was particularly dangerous because
How many runners take part in the race?
What marks the beginning of the festival?
How long does the festival last in total?
Last year, two people had injuries to their
How many people died in the 2009 race?
For questions 107 – 116, you need to read this story about The Pamplona Bull Run first.

The Festival of the Running of the Bulls takes place every year in the small city of Pamplona in north east Spain. The festival has an extensive history. There is evidence that a similar event took place every October in the 1400s. However, in 1592, the festival was moved to July, when it has been celebrated annually ever since. Official record-keeping only began in 1924. Since then, 16 runners have died, which shows how dangerous the festival is. The last one was a man called Daniel Romero in 2009. In 1980, two Spaniards were killed in the same race. Last year three people were injured in the festival. Luke Versace, from Australia, and Elinzey Sain, an American, both 19, were hurt in the leg, and Paul Staines, 37, from London had injuries to his face and a broken arm.

Up to one million people travel to the town to join in the festival, which takes place in the second week of July. It lasts for nine days, starting with a large firework lit by the mayor of Pamplona. Each morning of the festival, at 8 a.m., six bulls, weighing up to 750 kilos each, run a kilometre and a half through the city streets. The runners start the race in front of the bulls.

More than a thousand men dressed in white, with red cotton scarves around their necks, take part in each run. This year's run was unusually dangerous because several bulls became separated from the herd and turned round to chase the several hundred people who were running after them. Amazingly no one was killed. Only men were allowed to take part in the run until 1974. The majority of runners are still men, although every year the number of women has increased. Everyone else watches and cheers from the sides of the streets behind a high wooden fence.

In what month does the Pamplona Festival now take place?
You _______ better take some extra food with you.

If she _______ her driving test, she'd be disappointed.

Your bags will be _______ to your room.
They _______ in the garden when they found an old box.
You'd better _______ your phone with you.
I went to my neighbour's house _______ about the noise.
If I had a tent, I _______ camping this weekend.
She has been _______ at the bus stop for an hour!
He opened the bag very _______.
She didn't use to _______ jeans when she was younger.
The teacher doesn't let the students _______ their phones into class.
She prefers _______ to pop music rather than classical music.
Which is the odd one out in this set?
He would rather _______ Chinese food than Indian.
The policeman made the boys _______ in the back of the car.
Josh has _______ his leg.
What is the odd one out in this set?
The keys for all the rooms are _______ in this cupboard.
She'll be late for the meeting, ________________________
All of these houses were _______ in three months.
This is the photo _______ Tom keeps in his wallet.
She's never travelled by plane and _______________________ her boyfriend.
I am looking _______ my neighbour's cat while she's on holiday.
The fire finally went _______ when the rain started.
That was the most frightening film I have _______ seen.
That box is _______ heavy for me to carry it.
We enjoy _______ the papers in bed on Sunday morning.
She's going to be angry, _______
She sings really _______ but she thinks she's really good.
Sue cut _______ when she was chopping vegetables.
If you _______ off the wall, you'll hurt yourself.
If she _______ in the countryside, she'd be much happier.
These biscuits were _______ this morning.
Mrs Coombes has been a teacher _______ forty five years.
What word in paragraph 4 means the same as lucky?
What word in paragraph 1 means the opposite of early?
In that area of Malawi, crocodile attacks happen
How long did Mr Ngwira spend in hospital?
Who took Mr Ngwira to hospital?
Which part of the crocodile did Mr Ngwira bite?
What part of Mr Ngwira's body was injured?
Mr Ngwira put his clothes on the beach.
How many children has Mr Ngwira got?

For questions 63 - 72 you need to read the following three paragraphs about a crocodile attack:

Gideon Ngwira, a businessman from Malawi, had a long, hard day at the office. He was driving home from work, when he decided to stop for a swim in the sea. 'My wife is at the shops and my two daughters are at school. They will not mind if I'm a little late home,' he thought. He parked his car and left his suit and shoes in it. Happily, he ran to the sea and dived in.

Then the worst happened. The 41 year-old executive was attacked by a crocodile. The crocodile's jaws held Mr Ngwira's arms tightly. All he could move was his legs. The crocodile was pulling him down. What could he do? Well, the crocodile bit Mr Ngwira, so Mr Ngwira bit the crocodile. He sank his teeth into the crocodile's nose. The bite was so hard that the crocodile let go.

Despite severe injuries, Mr Ngwira managed to swim to the beach. When he was there, he lay down. Luckily, a group of fishermen was passing. They found him, and called the police, who took him to hospital. He was in hospital for about three weeks, and it will take about a year for him to completely recover.

Wildlife experts say that this has never happened before. Mr Ngwira is the only person who has ever managed to beat a crocodile attack by biting back. Mr Ngwira is a very brave, and a very fortunate man. Crocodile attacks happen very often in the area. In the rainy season, at least two people die every day after being bitten by crocodiles, police say.

Where does Gideon Ngwira work?

Everyone should _______ a jacket. It's cold.
The water is _______ cold. I'm not going to swim in there!
Jack has just been to Hollywood, ________________________
It was a sunny morning so I put _______ my shorts.
Which is the odd one out in this set?
You must _______ your homework before Monday.
My sister's not very keen _______ green vegetables.
The room wasn't big _______ for everyone to sit down.
This is _______ spaghetti I've ever eaten.
I was _______ an ice cream when a seagull took it.
She joined the tennis club _______ some new people.
I've never _______ my keys before.
This is the shop _______ I bought my bicycle.
My house is much _______ than this house.
Which is the odd one out in this set?
They have just _______ £10,000 in the lottery.
Richard _______ to play football, but now he plays golf.
Which is the odd one out in this set?
If the weather _______ good tomorrow, we will go to the beach.
Janice can _______ on her head.
It will be cold at night.
It will rain tomorrow.
He was spotted in Spain.
Leonel has signed a contract with Real Madrid.
Power systems are likely to be affected.
The first explosion happened on Saturday.
NASA has published photographs of a solar system.
Diana first attempted the swim in 1978.
She stopped swimming for health reasons.
Diana swam for almost 60 hours.
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Question 1
Robbins really likes British food
She has played serious and funny characters
In 1990, she stopped acting for a while.
She moved to Los Angeles in 1988.
Listen to the recording and answer the questions below.

Jenny's first acting role was in Unbroken.

What was the weather like for Sally's beach party?
How do you spell the name of the college?
Where did Tony stay when he went to Scotland?
How many people are expected to come to the concert?
How does William usually get to school?
Where did Karl and Freya go last weekend?

How many people are going to Bill's party?

When did Paul go to China
What do they make in the factory now?
How much was the tie?
What did Sam get in the post today?
What does David want to be when he is older?
What did Diana borrow from her brother?
What animal was in the garden?
What time does the film start?
What did Josh take to the picnic?
What lesson does Julie have after school?