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A.C.E Qualifications is a newly established English language examination company and representative of Anglia Exams in Greece. Our employees have more than 20 years of experience in teaching English and in the administration of certification examinations.

Based in Athens, A.C.E Qualifications is the exclusive provider of Anglia Examinations for the whole country of Hellas (Greece).

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We are based in Athens and our goal is to promote and organise Anglia exams, endorsed by Aim Qualifications and Assessment Group (AIM), nationwide. Our plans include expansion of our brand and reputation by offering Anglia Exams in the big cities of Hellas. We aim to offer exams that are recognised and delivered in an easy to access way.

We promote our Anglia exams through face to face meetings with language school owners, via teleconferences and by organising special events. We are pleased to offer academic seminars (for teachers) as well as discussion panels for parents (customers of the language school owners) in order to explain to them the benefits of their children to registering for our Anglia/AIM exams. We believe that offering learners the opportunity to prove their English competency that we are empowering them, not just to learn the English language but also to find their place in an increasingly competitive world.

Our aim is to provide high quality, user-friendly English language examinations and assessment. A priority is for A.C.E. Qualifications to offer, supported by Anglia's and AIM exacting standards, the right environment for each candidate so that they might perform to their best. We are sensitive to students with either learning difficulties or special needs and are pleased to provide them with the appropriate facilities to support their needs.

We are proud to be part of the international family of Anglia Examinations, which allows us to share best practice worldwide and to constantly improve our offer.

Our main aim is to focus on the end-customer (candidates), and through our passion we will strive to achieve excellence!

10 Interesting Facts About Greece

  1. About 7% of all the marble produced in the world comes from Greece.
  2. The saying “taking the bull by its horns” comes from the Greek myth of Hercules saving Crete from a raging bull by seizing its horns.
  3. Continuously inhabited for over 7,000 years, Athens is one of the oldest cities in Europe.
  4. Greece is the leading producer of sea sponges.
  5. Many Greek structures such as doors, windowsills, furniture, and church domes are painted a turquoise blue, especially in the Cyclades Islands. It is used because of an ancient belief that this shade of blue keeps evil away. They called the color "kyanos", from which the words “cyan” and “cyanide” are derived.
  6. Feta, which is made from goat’s milk, is the Greece’s national cheese. It dates back to the Homeric ages, and the average per-capita consumption of feta cheese in Greece is the highest in the world.
  7. The first Olympic Games took place in 776 B.C. The first Olympic champion was a Greek cook named Coroebus who won the sprint race.
  8. Greeks do not wave with an open hand. In fact, it is considered an insult to show the palm of he hand with the fingers extended. Greeks wave with the palm closed.
  9. Greece enjoys more than 250 days of sunshine—or 3,000 sunny hours—a year.
  10. The monk seal has been a part of Greek’s natural and cultural heritage and is described in The Odyssey. The head of a monk seal was even found on a coin dated 500 B.C.

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