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In 2021, American Group International (AGI) became the Anglia franchise holder for Morocco. AGI has been an educational brand since 2012. AGI has placed hundreds of students into the American Educational System with low cost, affordable, educational programs including an American School in Agadir.

AGI have used the Anglia system in their language programs since 2013 when Julie Wilburn and Suzanne Linsen proctored exams at Institution Al Inbiaat in Agadir.

Julie Wilburn is the CEO of American Group International and lived in Morocco for many years and also holds American/Moroccan dual citizenship in the country.

The AGI team has now embarked on the next level in its offerings to give opportunities to thousands of people to master the international language of English in business and communication with top English training and assessments. We strive to give back to the Moroccan community and reach the areas that desire to take international exams. AGI wants local teams based in each of the 12 regions of the country to execute local community-based programs to reach the unreachable. The main headquarters are located in the city of Agadir and it is centralised to the applying of the AGI mission and educating the community in English throughout the Kingdom of Morocco. AGIs number of local franchise distribution networks will hopefully grow rapidly in the next few years; as English is quickly becoming a new love for the Moroccan young people. This in return will hopefully open up new avenues for many including new international opportunities to people inside as well as international levels from the outside.

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 10 Interesting Facts About Morocco

  1. Mint tea is the national drink. It is often nicknamed “Moroccan Whiskey”.
  2. The capital city is Rabat, which is the 7th largest city in Morocco. 
  3. Chefchaouen is one of the most beautiful places to visit in Morocco, and it’s particularly known for being all painted in blue. The city is filled with bluewashed houses and old charming alleys.
  4. Morocco is the only exporter of Argan Oil, found in the trees of Morocco and is largely used in hair products.
  5. Only 14 kilometers separates Morocco from Europe.
  6. The country is among the most filmed in the world. The desert settings of Sahara and the authentic charm of the kasbahs are as picture-perfect as possible. Some of the top productions taken place in Morocco are The Mummy (of course), Game of Thrones, Gladiator, John Wick 3, Mission Impossible, Inception, and Price of Persia.
  7. In Moroccan culture, the symbol of love is not the heart but… the liver. For them, since a healthy liver means good digestion and promotes well-being, it’s only natural to be the ultimate symbol of love. They even have a saying that roughly translates to “You’ve conquered my liver”, used as a declaration of love.
  8. The red background of the Moroccan flag symbolizes courage, strength and pays homage to the red Atlas mountains (which really are red) that cover a large part of the country. The star, known as the Seal of Sulayman, represents the five pillars of Islam. It’s green because green symbolizes joy and happiness in Moroccan culture.
  9. Morocco is world famous for its snake charmers. Gentlemen who hypnotize cobras with their flute are one of the biggest tourist attractions in the country.

  10. In the Souss-Massa-Draa region south of Marrakech there are tree-climbing goats.


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Key Contacts

Julie Wilburn- Director of Operations CEO and Southern Regional Coordinator

Abdelhak Lam- Assistant of Operations Headquarters Branch Agadir/Sales

Number 20,
Rue Baalabek,
Cite Nahda,
Agadir, and Morocco.