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In 2021, we are celebrating 25 years of Anglia in The Netherlands. In our country, Anglia operates as an active network of approximately 350 Anglia Members Schools, in primary, secondary and further education.

Each Anglia School has an Anglia Coordinator, who is primarily responsible for organising Anglia within the school and is the main contact person for students. Anglia supports with a range of available materials, both online and in hard copy. Our organisation is characterised by the highest levels of service and support. We take a personal approach and have adopted an international, cooperative mindset.

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Our business model has always been to operate as a network, while offering various supportive products and services. A perfect example is our own Anglia Online Learning Platform. On our platform we offer a range of courses for students, developed by former Anglia Chief Examiner Liz Bangs-Jones, that will help them to improve their English in a fun, innovative and active way. A unique mixture of working online, live meetings with (international) teachers and students, and personal feedback on writing and speaking skills based on Anglia CARAT and Speaking Test Criteria.

In addition, we (digitally) connect groups of students from different countries in our Building Bridges Project. Our English for Kids Foundation (EFKF) is a charity, through which we aim to provide resources, and create projects to teach English to the less privileged, using Anglia materials.

Ours is an international network and our mindset is driven by a desire to innovate and start new initiatives. We are always interested in exploring cooperation with new partners.

10 Interesting Facts About The Netherlands

  1.  The country is an ideal place to cycle as it is mostly flat. It is also known as “the bicycle capital” of the world because it has more bikes than people. The country is expected to have 18 million bicycles and a population of 17 million.
  2. The country has plenty of rivers, lakes, and canals. Some 99.9% of the country’s households have access to clean, chlorine free drinking water.
  3. The Netherlands is the world’s leading tulip exporter. The country exports around 2 billion dollars' worth of tulips a year. However, it is important to note here that the tulips are not native to the Netherlands and were imported from Turkey in the 16th century.
  4. The first compound microscope was built in the Netherlands.
  5. The country’s capital and largest city is Amsterdam.
  6. Amsterdam has 1281 bridges.
  7. The Netherlands literally means “low countries.” As 50% of the land of the country is just over 1m above sea level. Moreover, 21% of its population and 26% of its area is below sea level.
  8. The five largest cities of the Netherlands are Amsterdam (capital), Rotterdam, The Hague, Utrecht, and Eindhoven.
  9. The country is famous for its cheese, windmills, clogs, and flatlands.
  10. More than 1000 traditional windmills are still operational in the country. The second Saturday and Sunday in May is National Mill Day in the Netherlands.

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