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Anglia started operating in Chile in 2010, and local agency was later signed with SBS Educación y Tecnología, in the year 2019. Their offices in Santiago handle the whole of Chile. They offer administrative and academic guidance to schools and institutions working with our exams, and they also promote our services among other schools and institutions in Chile. They are also instrumental in obtaining further recognition for our certifications.

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We offer candidates in Chile one or two paper-based exam sessions a year, as required, and monthly exam sessions for candidates who wish to sit our new Online exams from Home; the speaking component can be conducted 100% online for either format.

Students and teachers from Chile can join our annual group trips to study at Chichester College, part of Chichester College Group®, to complete either a course of English as a Foreign Language or a Teacher Training Course in the UK with us. Individual trips are also available.

Our presence in Chile is starting to consolidate as the first school conglomerate-wide exam sessions take place, and as teachers in Member institutions gain access to Anglia’s professional development options.

10 Interesting Facts About Chile

  1. The flag of Chile comprises of blue, white and red. The blue for the sky and sea, white for the snow on the mountains and red from the blood that was spilled in the fight for independence.
  2. Chile is home to 286 unique varieties of Chilote potatoes.
  3. The Atacama Desert is the driest desert on Earth, with an average annual rainfall of only 0.6 inches a year.
  4. Chile has the world's largest swimming pool. It is the size of 20 Olympic swimming pools and holds over 60 million gallons of water.
  5.  The oldest city in Chile is the capital, Santiago.
  6. Chile is home to 4 different species of penguin.
  7. Chile is the world's longest country, with one of the longest coastlines on the planet.
  8. Chile is where the oldest 'mummy' was found, proving the Egyptians were not the first to mummify their loved ones.
  9. Chile has the biggest yearly fireworks display in the whole of South America to celebrate the New Year. In 2007, it even entered the Guinness Book of Records when 16,000 fireworks exploded in one night.
  10. There are some trees in Chile that have been reported to be over 4,000 years old.

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