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Our partners offer Anglia Examinations within discreet territories.

We work together to ensure that the quality and rigour of Anglia Exams are maintained to ensure consistency and high standards at all times. Please note that the map below is not yet complete- we will add further partners soon.

Map of Anglia Partners

Anglia Franchisees

Paraguay flag logo

Anglia Paraguay

Up until a few years ago, students in Paraguay used to favour American English Exams over British English Exams. Once they turned their focus to International English or English as a tool for international communication, Anglia Examinations started to thrive in the region.

City Scapes of Paraguay Paraguay map ESOL exam takers in Paraguay

Anglia UruguayUruguay logo

Anglia Examinations started operating in the southern corner of Latin America in 1994, and since then has been spreading rapidly throughout the entire region. Uruguary is well known for its natural splendour and beautiful coastline.

view of UruguayMap of UruguayUruguay3

Anglia VenezuelaVenezuela flag logo

Anglia briefly operated in Venezuela in the years 2007-2008, but unfortunately, due to the increasing social and political unrest, most international exam offers where discontinued.

Our exams are still available monthly for candidates in Venezuela who wish to sit our 100% online exams from home, and we very much hope to be able to resume paper-based examinations in the country soon.

Venezula landscapeVenezula map  Amazing view Venezula

Anglia Exams ChileChile flag logo

Anglia started operating in Chile in 2010, and local agency was later signed with SBS Educación y Tecnología, in the year 2019. Their offices in Santiago handle the whole of Chile. They offer administrative and academic guidance to schools and institutions working with our exams, and they also promote our services among other schools and institutions in Chile. They are also instrumental in obtaining further recognition for our certifications.

  Chile English school Chile mapCity Scape of Chile


Anglia EcuadorEcuador flag logo

Anglia Ecuador is growing rapidly, having established Official Examination Centres not only in the capital City of Quito, but also in several other regions of the country. The main reason why candidates choose Anglia is that Anglia Examinations are recognised by the national Ministry of Education.


Highlights of EcuadorEcuador mapGift bag in Ecuador