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Anglia Representative Partners

Our partners offer Anglia Examinations within discreet territories.

We work together to ensure that the quality and rigour of Anglia Exams are maintained to ensure consistency and high standards at all times. Please note that the map below is not yet complete- we will add further partners soon.

Map of Anglia Partners

Anglia Franchisees

Anglia BrazilBrazil flag logo

We aim to become a well-known International Exam alternative for students of English as a Foreign Language of all socio-economic backgrounds, providing a much wider range of exams for all and any students who want to further their studies and professional careers.

We offer paper-based exam sessions once a year and computer-based exam sessions every month, either from an Official Exam Centre or from the comfort of the candidates’ homes.

Brazil Rio de Janeiro landscapeBrazil mapBrazil ESOL exam results

Anglia CanadaCanada flag logo

We have recently started operating in Canada with the Latin American community, offering them the opportunity to internationally certify their level of English while they are in the country. This helps them to obtain the proof of English they need for education purposes and/ or the job market.


City Scape of Canada with flagCanada MapLandcape view of Canada

Columbia flag local logo

Anglia Colombia

Anglia Examinations Colombia offer paper-based exam sessions 4 times a year and computer-based exam sessions every month, which means all of our exams can also be done 100% online from the comfort of the candidates’ homes.

We have a team of Anglia official speaking assessors and examiners physically based in Colombia.

Anglia Colombia visit English language exam centres regularly to provide our members with updated materials, hold meetings with teachers and heads of centres or parents and be present at certificate presentation ceremonies. 

Picturesque cityscape of ColombiaExam sessions in ColombiaHigher education exam

Anglia Exams ChileChile flag logo

Anglia started operating in Chile in 2010, and local agency was later signed with SBS Educación y Tecnología, in the year 2019. Their offices in Santiago handle the whole of Chile. They offer administrative and academic guidance to schools and institutions working with our exams, and they also promote our services among other schools and institutions in Chile. They are also instrumental in obtaining further recognition for our certifications.

  Chile English schoolChile mapCity Scape of Chile


Anglia Costa RicaCosta Rica Flag Logo

The latest trend in the country has been to introduce a bilingual or English-intensive system in education, in response to the ever-increasing need for proof of English level in higher education and in the workplace.

We have been working slowly but solidly to insert ourselves in the EFL market and our goal is to become a well-known international exam alternative for students of English as a Foreign or Second Language of all socio-economic backgrounds. To this end, we offer our online exams on a monthly basis, as well as paper-based options twice a year.

Costa Rica island beach viewCosta Rica MapCosta Rica landscape