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Anglia Representative Partners

Our partners offer Anglia Examinations within discreet territories.

We work together to ensure that the quality and rigour of Anglia Exams are maintained to ensure consistency and high standards at all times. Please note that the map below is not yet complete- we will add further partners soon.

Map of Anglia Partners

Anglia Franchisees

Columbia flag local logo

Anglia Colombia

Anglia Examinations Colombia offer paper-based exam sessions 4 times a year and computer-based exam sessions every month, which means all of our exams can also be done 100% online from the comfort of the candidates’ homes.

We have a team of Anglia official speaking assessors and examiners physically based in Colombia.

Anglia Colombia visit English language exam centres regularly to provide our members with updated materials, hold meetings with teachers and heads of centres or parents and be present at certificate presentation ceremonies. 

Picturesque cityscape of ColombiaExam sessions in ColombiaHigher education exam

Greece flag local logo

Anglia Greece

A.C.E Qualifications is a newly established English language examinations company and repreprsentative of Anglia Exams in Greece. Our employees that have more than 20 years of experience in teaching English and in the administration of certification examinations.

Based in Athens, A.C.E Qualifications is the exclusive provider of Anglia Examinations for all the whole country of Hellas (Greece).

Athens Arial shot of Athens greek architecture

Cyprus logo

Anglia Cyprus

Anglia was originally based in Cyprus before moving to Chichester College in 1993. Since then it has grown from strength to strength and committed to providing the best service possible.

We are currently the leading provider of English language examinations on the island. The summer exam session in Nicosia, Limassol, Paphos, Larnaca and Paralimni attracts over 15000 candidates from as many as 500 private institutes and schools.

Anglia Middleton School ESOL Exam takers in Cyprus Cyprus Anglia offices

Anglia SpainSpain logo

Anglia started operating in Spain back in 2007 in the Autonomous Community of Andalusia, where the country’s central exams office is still located. Anglia also has a large number of other hubs spread around the peninsula and the islands.

Anglia is recognised in Spain by the most important education-related organisations as well as government bodies. We are part of the ACLES’s (Association of Language Centres within Higher Education Institutions) and CRUE’s (Conference of Principals of Spanish Universities) list pf recognising institutions, and we are also recognised by the National Government as well as Autonomous Communities.

.Anglia Spain HeadquartersMap of SpainSpanish Anglia Team

Netherlands flag logo

Anglia Netherlands

In 2021, we are celebrating 25 years of Anglia in The Netherlands. In our country, Anglia operates as an active network of approximately 350 Anglia Members Schools, in primary, secondary and further education.

Each Anglia School has an Anglia Coordinator, who is primarily responsible for organising Anglia within the school and is the main contact person for students. Anglia supports with a range of available materials, both online and in hard copy. Our organisation is characterised by the highest levels of service and support. We take a personal approach and have adopted an international, cooperative mindset.

Anglia Netherlands team  First Step Exam Online Netherlands Network