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10 Interesting Facts About Tajikistan

  1. The terrain here is dominated by mountainous ranges which cover more than 90% of the country, whilst there are valleys in the north and southwest.

  2.  Tajikistan is home to the Nurek Dam; built to generate hydroelectricity, it is the second largest man-made dam in the world.

  3.  Tajikistan has more than 1,300 lakes which cover around 2% of the land in the country.

  4.  Tajikistan is highly susceptible to earthquakes because it is located in a seismically active zone of the world.

  5.  The name of Tajikistan's capital is Dushanbe. It is a word in the Tajik language meaning Monday in English.

  6.  Tajikistan is separated from Pakistan by only a small strip of land known as the Wakhan Corridor. It is a narrow strip of land is present in Afghanistan between the mountains of Karakoram Range and the Pamir Range.

  7.  Although most of us would relate the legend of the yeti to the Himalayan mountains, reports of the presence of the snow people or yeti have also surfaced in Tajikistan’s Pamir mountain region.

  8.  Beauty standards vary from culture to culture. In Tajikistan you will see most of the women sporting a unibrow. Unibrows are considered highly attractive in the country and the girls who have separate eyebrows often paint them to create an illusion.

  9.  Fedchenko Glacier in Tajikistan is the longest glacier outside the Polar Regions. The long and narrow glacier is located in the Yazgulem Range of the Pamir Mountains. It covers an area of 700 square km and extends for a distance of about 77 km.

  10.  The national symbols of Tajikistan are defined in Article 3 of the Constitution of Tajikistan. They consist of the flag, the coat of arms, and the national anthem.

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