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Anglia Examinations - Friday, June 02, 2017

Anglia News from Asia

In partnership with Beijing Bailie University University, Anglia Examinations is establishing a programme of International English teaching for young learners.


Beijing Bailie is a University originated from Peili School which was established in 1940 by Mr Rewi Alley (founder of the International Committee for the Promotion of Chinese Industrial Cooperation’s). The University was approved by the Beijing Municipal People's government and registered in the China National Education Ministry in 2004 to be an independent University with the authority to issue the nationally recognised higher education diplomas.


On 20th May this year, Anglia Examinations and Beijing Anglia Education Technology Ltd and Beijing Bailie University signed an agreement for a cooperative programme entitled International English Teaching for young learners. The new curriculum has been taken into China's Higher Education 2017 enrolment list which is mean that Anglia ESOL certificate training will be delivered in Beijing Bailie University from this September. During the three years learning journey, students will take part in an examination provided by Anglia Examinations. Those students who pass the examination will get not only an associate degree diploma but also Anglia certificate of International English Teacher (CITE) for young learners. Beijing Anglia Education Technology Ltd, the representative of Anglia Examinations, will help all the graduates to get a teaching job in a different international school or English training school in Beijing three years after.

At the same time, Beijing Anglia also started the short time training for a group of degree graduates to take part in Anglia Examinations in November this year. The graduates have obtained internships in some famous English training schools, and part-time training will be implemented during their internship duration. The whole programme will be finished at the end of 2017. We wish the Anglia certificate will help them to obtain their dream job with great prospects for the future.