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News update from Anglia Network Latin America

Anglia Examinations - Tuesday, November 01, 2016

Anglia Argentina, Anglia Uruguay, Anglia Paraguay, Anglia Bolivia, Anglia Colombia, Anglia Mexico

Exam sessions are being held in all these countries, making November and December very busy months for the region. New Anglia participating countries are warmly welcomed and thanks go to all already existing countries for their trust and loyalty. 

Anglia Argentina:
Now that this year’s Congress & Exhibition ( has come to an end, we would like to take this opportunity to express our gratitude to all the members of the Organising Committee, all our participants and volunteers as well as all the Speakers & Sponsors who have contributed immensely to the absolute success of the event.

Thank you also for your very valuable feedback on all seven plenary sessions presented by Marisol Hernandez, Laura Lewin, Chris Kunz, Sarah Hillyard, Ganna Matichyna, Maria Marta Suarez & Susan Hillyard. Your warm words, congratulatory messages and willingness to attend next year's Congress will definitely help us pave the way for our next gathering!

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Summer Anglia 2016

Anglia Examinations - Friday, August 05, 2016

It’s the first year of our Summer Anglia junior summer school based here on the Chichester College campus, and we’re having a great time. Students from Argentina and Bulgaria and the UK have been mixing and making friends, learning English the Step-by-Step way and visiting Brighton, Thorpe Park, Portsmouth and London to say nothing of sports, quizzes, team-building activities and chill-out nights at the students’ union. Alice Osman has done a wonderful job directing the whole Summer School Programme. 

It’s not all over yet; we still have one group for one more week and then the summer session of exams with all the European and International students at the college, so there’s plenty to do. Holidays for us will be later in the year! The sun has shone on all our activities this year. We hope it shines on you, too, and wish you luck with everything you’re doing in your countries all over the world, whether you’re busy with your work or having a break.




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The power of the Step-by-Step way of learning and testing.

Anglia Examinations - Friday, July 15, 2016

Two teachers from Cyprus share an inspiring story about inclusivity and achievement. 

''Nikolas is a 12-year old boy with cerebral palsy due to premature birth and which has caused him spastic quadriplegia and deafness. Moreover, his oral speech is limited to 'Yes' and 'No' and to the understanding of sign language.

For the past two years I am his English teacher, and all I can say is that my experience with him has helped me to become more innovative, spontaneous, creative. Nikolas is a constant form of inspiration. Our lessons are filled with games, fun and laughter. He has a bright mind, a memory that few of his peers and even older can compete with, and an endless will to learn more.  During these two years we have managed to create our own ' English team' with Nikolas. His parents and sisters, his invigilator, and students from the same level as Nikolas are our companion, team players in our English games and much more.

Last year when we completed the Junior level, I was certain that Nikolas would be able to take the exam. When it came to the format that exam paper would have, we were lucky enough to have Anglia and more specifically George Mitletton by our side, who was willing to everything possible to cover our needs. This led to the creation of a different form of paper, with the aid of symbols as well as letters and with three or four options for each answer for Nikolas to choose the correct one.

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No Brexit in the Anglia office!

Anglia Examinations - Friday, June 24, 2016

Following the result of the referendum in the UK on 23rd June and its subsequent shock-waves, we would just like to assure all our candidates, parents, schools, teachers, head-teachers and school owners that there is no Brexit in the Anglia Office.   Read more