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Anglia placement tests

Anglia Exams Placement Tests

Our Anglia placement tests are designed to give you an approximate idea of which of our exams is best suited for your level. They are helpful if you are considering which level to study at or if you are considering taking one of our exams. Once you have your results we suggest downloading one of our past papers for that level to see how you do. Please note that there is no writing component in the placement test, so you may want to discuss this with your teacher as it can have an effect on your overall level.

Our tests are designed so that that if you get a number of wrong answers, the test will stop and place you at the appropriate level. If you do well, you will continue through all of the questions.

How many questions are there?

  • The lower level test consists of 100 questions
  • The higher level test consists of 130 questions.

Do I need to register?

Our tests are free to take and you do not need to register. If you are doing the test because your teacher has asked you to, then we suggest registering on our site first so that we can share your results with your teacher.

Good Luck!