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Our Anglia English free online placement tests are designed to give you an approximate idea of which of our exams is best suited for your level. Take your free English level diagnostic test online and see how well you do. 

Our online placement test can be helpful if you are considering which level to study, ideal for homeschool curriculum or if you are considering taking one of our exams. Once you have your results we suggest downloading one of our past papers for that level to see how well you do. Please note that there is no writing component in these tests, our assessment tests provide only an approximate sense of your ability.  You may want to discuss this with your teacher as they can provide you with other past exam test papers together with answers keys from Anglia to give you a better idea of your overall level.

Do I need to register?

Our tests are free to take and you do not need to register. At the end of each stage the test will ask you for your name and email address so we can track your result. If you want the results sent to you at a later stage please contact us.  

How does the test work?

Start by choosing where you would like to start. There are three starting points: beginners should start with First Step to Preliminary (A1), the second stage covers Preliminary (A1) to Intermediate (B1) and the last test covers Intermediate (B1) to Mastery levels (C2). If you have taken an Anglia exam previously and passed you should have an idea of what level you are. The test will carry you through the levels, at the end of each stage (15-35 questions depending on level) the test will give you a score and an action to follow. Depending on your score you either carry on with the test or you can have a look at the level you have been allocated, there are easy links to follow for each scenario. 

You will be allocated a suggested level if you score within a certain range of marks. Please note, if you have scored at the top of the range, we believe that you are ready for the Anglia test at that level. If you have scored low in the range, we recommend that you wait a little longer before registering for a test as you may need more practice.

How do I receive my result?

You will receive your result after completing each stage on screen only. If you need your result at a later time please contact us. 

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