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Anglia Lower Level Placement  Test

Want to know what level your ESOL English skills are at? Try our simple test to see your approximate CEFR Level.

Lower Levels
What you will need Time Questions Description
mouse2 NewMouse No time limitNoTimeLimit2 New 100 There are 100 questions. You do not need headphones for this placement test. If the final score exceeds Preliminary level, the system will recommend you to take one of the higher placement tests.


The online placement is marked automatically. The result and suggested entry point will be displayed on the screen and emailed to your address after the test.

Your test will start with easier questions and get harder if you do well.

1. Tick the bus

Question 1 of 100

2. Tick the apple

Question 2 of 100

3. Tick the colour black

Question 3 of 100

4. Tick the girl

Question 4 of 100

5. Tick the chair

Question 5 of 100

6. How many fish?

Question 6 of 100



7. Tick the missing word

Question 7 of 100


_____ old are you?

8. Tick the bird

Question 8 of 100

9. Fill in the missing word

Question 9 of 100

The flower _____ yellow

10. Tick the computer

Question 10 of 100

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