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How to Verify Anglia Exam Results:

You will Need:

  • An Anglia Examinations certificate.
  • The candidate's certificate number. This can be found on the bottom right of an Anglia Examinations certificate. 


  • Input the certificate number into the search box. Please type in the full sequence of numbers/ letters including the dashes.
  • NB: By clicking "find" you confirm that you have permission from the individual to whom this enquiry relates to access their record and perform this verification.

Can't find the result you are looking for?

Results can take between 5-7 working days after you receive your certificate to appear here, however if you need this urgently for an employer or university submission please fill out the following form: Use the Exam Verification Form

You can only verify your certificate online if you took an Anglia exam after 2019. If you have taken an Anglia exam before the year 2019, please fill out the form