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Eco-friendly Paperless Success

Fully proctored exams now available online.

The global pandemic forced us to accelerate our plans to transition to online exams. In November 2020 we went live with online provision of exams. After decades of relying on paper-based tests the transition to online exams had to be rolled out carefully to ensure that the integrity of our examination processes weren't compromised.

Covid is changing the world and we are changing too! Many of our partners around the world have been forced to postpone their classroom-based English exam sessions. Here at Anglia Examinations, we’ve been working with many of our franchise partners for decades. They are part of the Anglia family and it pains us to see students the world over having to put their dreams on hold because of this dreadful disease.

We listened carefully, considered all the risks and challenges and are pleased to say we will be offering all ten of our Step by Step English Exams online from the end of November 2020.

Moving online for the B1 listening exam in English is no easy undertaking. In offering our English language exams we have to be sure that we maintain the high standard of exam quality. We’ve implemented advanced AI anti-cheat technology to ensure that Anglia Examinations remain your ESOL exam provider of choice.

These are challenging times but that doesn't stop us in our mission of empowering people to dream in English!