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Happy Birthday

Anglia Netherlands Celebrate 25 Years!

Anglia Netherlands is one of our longest service partners and this year we join them in celebrating their 25th birthday! That's twenty five years of helping students to "Dream in English".

Here are some intesting facts about the Dutch part of the Anglia Family:

  • Anglia Netherlands was founded in 1995 by Arnold Augustine who, at the time, was an English teacher.
  • More than 250, 000 students, yes that's a quarter of a million people, have sat Anglia exams in the Netherlands.
  • Anglia is the most popular ESOL exam within schools in the Netherlands

To commerate this occasion, Anglia Netherlands have created a special logo  to emphasise that Anglia NL is celebrating its 25th anniversary in 2021. And guess what... schools in Europe and the rest of the world are welcome to join the party!

We are going to make it a festive year. Every month there will be a special action on or near the 25th of each month. Gifts for Anglia schools, interesting give-aways, online reunions, etc. We hope to be able to throw a real party in November!