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If I ______ off my bike, I will hurt myself.
It's quite late, ______ it?
He went to university ______ study maths.
You must ______ the door every night.
This is the ______ ice cream flavour of them all.
This apple tastes ______ a pear.
Find the odd one out
I'm not very fond ______ soft toys.
Find the odd one out
Find the odd one out
Find the odd one out
Find the odd one out
I've ______ been so scared before.
Find the odd one out
My mother ______ to have long, blonde hair.
Find the odd one out
Football players ______ the ball.
He cooked the chicken in the ______.
That's not Jason's book. It's ______.
She drank two ______ of milk.
I would like ______ ketchup on my chips.
______ the children ever caught a fish in this river?
Find the odd one out
There are always lots of pretty shells on the ______.
My parents haven't got ______ money.

Yesterday, he ______ his car to Scotland.

In England, January isn't ______ warm as May.
This is my bag. That bag is ______.
Find the odd one out
Sugar and sweets are bad for your ______.
______ they watch a film at the cinema last night?
They went to Paris two months ______.
Have you ever ______ with a dolphin?
Kelly is reading a ______.
She is ______ because she is happy.
Jenna is more ______ than Anna.
A young dog is called a ______.
How ______ children are there in the class?
She is eating a ______ of crisps.
Yesterday, Simon ______ his grandparents.
______ flowers are very pretty.
______ is your birthday? It's today!
We usually buy food in the ______.
Find the odd one out
My bike is ______.
Beth's birthday is ______ October.
There are 20 plates in the ______.
I usually get up ______ 7 o'clock.
A cow lives in ______.
My mother's sister is my ______.
The boys are washing ______ hands.
Find the odd one out
Find the odd one out
Find the odd one out
Janet never talks to ______.
______ your brother cleaning his bike?
My dad likes ______ his new car.

Jess can ______ the piano.

I play football ______ Saturday.
What's the time?
Find the odd one out
At the ______, they are on holiday.
Are the boys ______ basketball?
Sally ______ like dogs.
My friend ______ got a pet snake.
Find the odd one out
Tick the star
Tick the spider

What is in this picture?

Tick the strawberry
The boys are ______ the garden.
I ______ playing tennis.
The baby is ______ milk.
I have a new school bag. ______ is big and black.
Tick the helicopter
Tick the socks
Tick the vase
I have a brother. ______ name is Sam.
She is wearing a yellow ______.
______ bag is in the kitchen.
Tick the pear

How many?

Tick the plate
My brother is ______ the TV.
Tick the picture of swimming
Tick the monkey
Elephants are very ______.
My father ______ black hair.
Do you ______ pizza?

The cat is ______ the sofa.

Tick the computer
The flower ______ yellow.
Tick the bird
______ old are you?

How many fish?

Tick the chair

Tick the girl
Tick the black
Tick the apple
Tick the bus