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Anglia Step To Books

Step To Books are specifically designed for students preparing for Anglia Examinations from First Step to Masters C2. The books have 10-12 units, include a QR code linking to audio files and a sample test, and are 110-128 pages in length. Each unit is topic based (covering high-frequency test topics and vocabulary) and has a fresh, attractive, full colour design.

The books provide guided test practice for every test section. There are explanations and exercises for essential grammar patterns, collocations and vocabulary. The focus is on personalising these for greater student interest and more efficient retention. Numerous sample compositions are given, and there are step-by-step instructions on generating ideas, structuring the composition, and avoiding common mistakes.

Ordering Step To Books

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The Anglia Step To series consists of ten titles:

Anglia Step to Books

  • Step To First Step
  • Step To Junior
  • Step To Primary
  • Step To Preliminary
  • Step To Elementary
  • Step To Pre-intermediate
  • Step To Intermediate
  • Step To Advanced
  • Step To AcCEPT Proficiency
  • Step To Masters

Step To Books for Students

Students learn WHAT they have to do and HOW to do it. With a mixture of the four skills, personalised, and interactive activities, the series is much more interesting and engaging than regular test preparation material.

Step To Guides for Teachers

For teachers, we offer an accompanying teacher guide for each level to make things easy. Each book is a comprehensive one-stop solution for test preparation. In addition to instructions, the teachers' guide for each level has language and cultural explanations, test tips, and transcripts of all the recordings. For students, the books build confidence and give familiarity to every part of the test.

The teacher guides along with the audio files for the listening sections can be found here:

First Step, Junior, Primary, Preliminary, Elementary, Pre-Intermediate, Intermediate, Advanced, Proficiency and Mastery.

first step book junior step to book primary step to book preliminary step to book elementary step to book


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