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August Newsletter 2020

Welcome to the August Newsletter. At HQ we have been busy with the summer sessions: marking, moderating, fast tracks and borderlines.

Many of the schools in UK and Europe are returning after the summer break and trying to gain some normality, but still keeping safe from Covid-19. 

Alice Osman, Chief Examiner is running an Anglia Speaking Test Assessor Standardisation Online Session for The Netherlands on Wednesday 16th September. She is very much looking forward to speaking to them. If anyone is interested from The Netherlands, could they contact Suzanne van Moergastel, if they haven’t already done so: suzanne@anglia.nl

News from Europe

Anglia Cyprus

Greetings from Cyprus

We are only a few days away from the start of the new school year and we look forward to catching up with our daily schedules. This particular summer break has given all of us the chance to recharge and refuel as well as self-reflect and get ready to face any future challenges in and out of the classrooms. 

On a personal note, the beautiful Cyprus summer has washed away the stress, the worries and negative thoughts we have experienced these past six months, like a good therapy session ;) I feel confident and positive and can't wait to start teaching again at school. I hope colleagues, students and parents everywhere had the chance to relax, get their mind off things and prepare themselves to face the new reality. 

Once again, good luck to everyone with their exam results and best wishes for a healthy, productive and happy new school year! 

Beach photo by Kat Mackay-Middleton  - Latchi, Akamas Peninsula

Anglia Spain

Exam Sessions

Even though summer is currently at its peak and the temperature is soaring, exams do not seem to take a rest.

In August, we had face-to-face Exam Sessions in Almeria, Orense, Zaragoza and Roquetas de Mar. Besides, a new online Exam Session also took place in Granada.  We hope all the candidates pass with flying colours!


Anglia Congress

The XVI edition of the Anglia Examinations International E-Congress & Exhibition for English Language Professionals was launched earlier on this month.

Anglia Examinations holds this event annually for our members in all the countries within the Ibero-American Network. This time, being quite a peculiar year, the event will be offered online and, as ever, it is free of charge for all our Network members.         

We look forward to seeing you all at the E-Congress!


One more Webinar is being advertised as we speak. On this occasion, Ms. Lorena Muzzicato of Teaching Resources will be delighting our Anglia Members with her ‘Turning Lockdown Stress and Anxiety into Motivation and Action’ session. This online event is free of charge for all our Anglia Members. We’re sure you don’t want to miss it! Thank you very much, Lorena, for your support!

New Exam Centres

We would like to welcome to the Anglia family ‘Computer Soft’, with schools in Malaga and Cordoba, as well as ‘New College Granada’ from Granada. Thank you for choosing us and jumping on board our boat during this difficult time!


Going from strength to strength

Anglia Spain has never stopped contacting potential schools, kindergartens, academies and universities, which may well be ready to become Official Anglia Exam Centres soon enough. We keep assisting and accompanying those who are part of our family - being close and helping in the process is our motto.

Anglia Netherlands

On June 18, about 7,000 students at 170 schools took part in Anglia Exams & Speaking Tests. Next week, the students will receive their well-deserved Anglia certificate. Congratulations!

Online Platform widely used

Due to the corona pandemic, Dutch schools were forced to close their doors and students mainly had (online) lessons from home in the period before the summer holidays. Several concerned parents of students who will start secondary education this new school year, contacted us with their concerns that, in many cases, teaching English hadn’t been a priority for primary school teachers dealing with remote learning.

We immediately decided to help, and thanks to our R&D team, we managed to set up a preparation course specifically for this group of students (age approximately 11-12 years old). As our own platform can be used even more widely than we previously thought, this course was also a great fit here.

Based on the content of a combination of Anglia Primary and Preliminary levels, we have created an online course, based on all parts of the Grammar & Structures List of the Anglia Handbook for Teachers + interactive quiz parts + breakout room sessions. We wish all participants good luck at their new schools!

Japanese students will join our Masterclasses

Stay safe and stay connected! Now that people and students from around the globe are at home, it is important to stay connected. And let’s be honest; how many of your students actually communicate in English in their daily lives? We believe that international and intercultural communication make your live more interesting. Therefore we have brought international students and teachers together on our platform, during a range of Summer Masterclasses. Three morning sessions, based on various Anglia levels.

Our Summer programme has almost finished, but we are happy that groups of students from Japan will join our Masterclasses in week 36 and 37 (Anglia levels A1 and A2). We expect to welcome individual students from Turkey Ukraine and Indonesia as well.

We invited you to join as well, this session, or a separate one, to actively participate with a small group of your students, or as Anglia Representative to see how it goes. Feel free to contact us: arnold@anglia.nl.

Supported by the European Council: European Day of Languages

 “Celebrate Language” is the theme of the activities for the European Day of Languages on the 26th of September. As the official representative of EDL in the Netherlands, Anglia and the English for Kids Foundation are organizing two online, corona-proof, fun events for schools and teachers! Don’t let the name fool you: Students and teachers from outside the European Union or Europe are just as welcome as European friends!


1.       Firstly we have the #CelebrateLanguage photo contest. The idea is simple: a group of students or a classroom take a picture that reflects the theme of language celebration. By uploading it to social media with the #Celebrate language and tagging our organization in the picture, they automatically enter in the contest to win an EFKF goodie bag. There are no participation costs and it’s a modern way to visibly promote language!

2.       Secondly we have the Celebrate Language Online Quiz! Thanks to the support of Anglia NL, we will use their online platform to organize an online quiz where anyone across the world can participate. Questions will revolve around the Celebrate Language idea, with an international and intercultural focus. No preparation is required, and classes of students between the ages of 11-15 can participate at no cost! Help students connect with each other across the globe, meet other cultures and show off just how smart they are! Winners will receive a free EFKF product of their choice (English learning Gamesbox or 1 year access to our debate platform)

How can you join the fun or promote this wonderful message? Easy! Visit www.efkf.org to sign up for either event or contact us any time at admin@efkf.org

News from Asia

Anglia Malaysia

Anglia in Malaysia announces a new milestone. The Anglia flag has been raised in Penang.

This is a very important territory for the growth of Anglia as Penang is an important economic hub in northern Malaysia.  The team has been careful to choose the right partner to work with - that's The Learning Kingdom Education group of schools. An MoU ceremony had been done to ink the strategic collaboration.

Anglia The Philippines

Greeting from Anglia Philippines.

"Assess, Adapt, and Apply"

Anglia Philippines has definitely chosen to pursue the three A's. We have maintained business continuity to all our current and future clients, and ensure that our passion for teaching the English language will not waver. We have changed our business model to adapt to the new normal and embraced how business operates during these uncertain times. We have shifted most of our classroom sessions to a digital one, breaking down barriers to connect with other learners from different parts of the globe.


WE have assessed that language learning will be different at this time, and we understand that our students will not be able to come to us, join our classes, and participate in cultural immersions.  Furthermore we have assessed that as more and more people become unemployed due to the pandemic, there is a greater need for language teaching training. 


We have decided to offer CITE to potential English teachers.  We have begun to introduce the CITE program to the Philippine market.  We have conducted a free training session to English teachers who are looking to go through a an examination and certification process.


Our CITE program includes at 120-hour virtual training and internship or apprenticeship.  This job training  addition  is what makes our program unique compared to a regular TESOL program that doesn't include classroom teaching experience.

We are still in the process of fully executing our CITE program.  However, we have started other online programs such as CXL (Communication Excellence Lab), CXY (Communication Excellence for the Youth), CXS (Communication Excellence Self-Paced), PSE (Public Speaking Excellence), and CWIG (Critical Writing and Intensive Grammar).  We also have digital content, so students from different time zones can choose to study and improve their language on their preferred time and on their own pace. 

AIEP and Anglia PH aim to bring our services closer to you. We hope to see each and everyone in our class or at our other Anglia partners all over the globe.

For more information of our class schedules, you may visit www.aiepro.com

Anglia Taiwan

August saw the first Young Learner tests take place at the American Language Village (ALV) in Taiwan. The candidates  have been taking part in the summer camp which normally attracts 4,000 students between the ages of 6 and 14 from all over Taiwan. Understandably, this year has been very challenging especially as it is the first year for ALV to use Anglia tests due to the coronavirus  pandemic. Earlier in the year there was further concern that the camp would not be able to take place at all and though the number of participants is only 50% of the usual number, thankfully Taiwan has managed the pandemic well which enabled schools to re-open shortly after Chinese New Year and allow for registrations.

Much of the preparation for the test including training examiners and invigilators as well as the administrative preparation has taken place between David and Merak Clarkson online which is a first as they would normally like to meet new centre staff prior to the first test. On the whole things have gone very smoothly and we have high expectations for further tests in the near future in cooperation with Leo and his staff team at American Language Village who have done an excellent job.

Finally well done to all the ALV students!

News from Latin America

Anglia Argentina

New Anglia Members in Argentina

This month’s newsletter finds us giving a whole-hearted welcome to the Anglia family to two new Exam Centres: HDL English Institute in Jujuy, one of the far-north provinces, and Oxford House from Tierra del Fuego, as far south as you can ever get to in Argentina.

The XVI Anglia International E-Congress & Exhibition for English Language Professionals

We have now officially launched our annual Congress! Nine Internationally renowned Speakers will be offering plenary sessions to a truly international audience. This event usually takes place in the City of Buenos Aires, but this year, for the first time, we are going 100% ONLINE, and we expect even larger attendance, since there are no location limitations to attend regardless of where you are physically based.

Cultural Exchange Programmes

During the months of July and August, a group of Argentinean students form Euskal Echea Secondary School in Buenos Aires, Argentina, took part in an exchange programme made up of a series of 5 meetings with Chinese students from Shanghai Yong Chang Private School in China. These meetings were moderated by Ms Estefania Krogulec, International Liaison Officer, Ms Li Xin, Head Coordinator of the School International Programme and Ms Gabriela Racca, Head of the Secondary School English Department – they were all very kindly assisted by Ms Claudia Beltrán, International Partnerships Manager at Chichester College, England.

The 16 year-old students really enjoyed the opportunity to learn about the geography, history, culture and traditions of Argentina and China. Hopefully, we’ll soon see the Argentinean students sightseeing in Shanghai and the Chinese ones experiencing South American culture in Buenos Aires.

The teachers thank Anglia and Chichester College for this one-of-a-kind activity.

They say it BEST!

Mirta Sarchione, our Local Agent in Pergamino, Buenos Aires, has shared some latest news with us:

Informative meetings

It´s already known that Anglia ESOL Examinations offers a wide range of paper-based Exams. Now everybody is celebrating the launch of the new General English online exams, which is a great achievement.

This is the time in Argentina when decisions about final exams are being made, so myself, as a Local Agent, decided to organize informative online meetings for all my Anglia members, in order to keep them all updated.

Two sessions were offered, and the results were more than positive.  Coordinated by Estefanía Krogulec (International Liaison Officer) and Guadalupe Rodriguez (Operations Manager) respectively, both sessions were a great success.

Considering that it is uncertain what the pandemic situation in our country will be like in the months ahead, Estefanía and Guadalupe explained in detail all the options Anglia has to offer for the final exams. They also gave clear explanations about the implementation of the new General English online Exams. 

We have to remain positive about the future and go on working hard all together.



We’ve had yet more International Speakers offering webinars for Anglia Members, at no cost. We are very grateful to Laura Schmutz & Sharing Materials, Luciana Fernandez & Cengage Learning, and Lorena Muzzicato & Eager Beaver / Neuro Talent for helping us continue offering all our members excellent professional development sessions.


Examiner Training Sessions

Once again, we have completed another Training Programme for new Examiners in Latin America! We’ve had trainees from Argentina, Uruguay, Paraguay, Bolivia, Colombia & Canada, who will soon be ready to assess candidates in the upcoming Latin American Exam Sessions.

Anglia Uruguay

Anglia members as well as Exam Centres in Uruguay have started the second half of the year full steam ahead! We’d like to share a few words from Natalia Delbono Lacoste, Head of e-NGLISH Language School.

Anglia Bolivia

Luz Marina Arenales Mendez, our Local Agent in the region of Santa Cruz de la Sierra, has kindly shared these words with us:

English Support Centre has changed its tools for teaching English, from a blackboard to an online board during this quarantine. As a result of a campaign on social media, several young people enrolled in English and French classes as. One of them is Daly, who lives 31 km away from downtown Santa Cruz , in Torno. She has accepted the challenge of preparing for the B1 level of Anglia Exams. She is revisiting all her English Language knowledge in our online classroom, via zoom. She is also going to continue her studies in Chichester College U.K. Daly is willing to get the CITE certification as well. We congratulate her on all her efforts and wishes to improve her English skills.

Anglia Peru
Raúl Merino Moscol, our Local Agent in Peru, has shared these words with us:

This August, we have started the process of conducting the placement test offered by ANGLIA in many of our schools. We have had informative meetings for parents and also teachers from schools in Lima and the provinces.

English Connections is giving a range of training courses for English Teachers in addition to preparation courses for Anglia International Exams - B1, B2 and C1 levels.


Anglia Columbia

 Anglia in Colombia is growing steadily. Recently, we have contacted existing Anglia Exam Centres to help them have a more active role again after the pandemic. Meetings were held and are still being held while new projects are also being developed these days.    

This month we’ve had exams in Chia, within the Cundinamarca district in Bogota. We wish the best of luck to all the candidates.

Throughout the month, we’ve got in touch with potential schools and institutes which could easily become Exam Centres in Colombia. We are working really hard to finally place Anglia in Colombia on the front burner.

Last but not least, Chris Kunz, our President within the Ibero-American Network, has been invited to take part in a monthly ‘Chat Meeting’/ ‘Discussion Group’ organised by our brand new Local Agent in Colombia, Pedro Cruz of PESOL Centre.


Anglia Chile

Our newest Members in the country, the network of Schools in Santiago de Chile: Colegios Pedro de Valdivia Agustinas, Providencia, Las Condes & Pañealolen, have attended an initial training session for teachers & coordinators, with Guadalupe Rodríguez & Estefanía Krogulec, where they received guidance to implement Anglia Exams in their schools, and how best to prepare candidates for our exams!


Anglia Paraguay

Chris Kunz, our President, will be one of the keynote speakers at the Paratesol International Online Conference, which will be held on 25th and 26th September. 

We are sure that many teachers from Paraguay and other neighbouring countries won’t miss this great opportunity to enjoy watching Chris in action!

Summer Newsletter 2020

Welcome to our July 2020 newsletter, the summer edition. This year has been like no other year before, due to the pandemic many schools have been closed for a while now. This has been a challenging time, but congratulations goes out to the many of you who managed to change and adapt in the circumstances and carry on going.

Good News we have managed to acquire  ALTE Institutional Affiliation 

Anglia Examinations is now affiliated with ALTE ( Association of Language Testers in Europe). This is great news in gaining recognition for our exams and is thoroughly deserved after so many years in operation. 

News from Europe

Anglia Netherlands 

And then the school year has come to an end .... Below a bestnine of special Anglia moments from our Instagram @anglia_nl:

1. For the first time, all schools received a Manual for Anglia Coordinators. Due to success, there will be another edition next school year!

2. Wow! A survey among all Anglia Coordinators shows that our service and support receives a score of 8.6!

3. The free Anglia Open Day Packages were a great success! Our Ambassadors were also present at many Open Days.

4. In February we attended the Anglia Global Reps meeting in Chichester.

5. As of March, we were all obliged to work from home.

6. Hundreds and hundreds of students attended the free support webinars on our own Online Platform, in preparation for their (postponed) Anglia exam.

7. After the relaxations of the corona restrictions, 160 schools decided to take part in Anglia exam and Speaking Tests on the 18th of June.

8. Good luck to all candidates!

9. For the first time, students on the island of Curacao participated!

Anglia Cyprus


On 18th and 19th July, 2020 we had our end-of the year exams in Limassol, Larnaca and Paralimni. Despite the circumstances, we have managed to have, yet again, a very successful session. Through hard work, collaboration, careful planning and determination we have kept our promise that we will come out of this unprecedented period stronger and closer. We have taken all necessary steps to protect the candidates and the teachers against the coronavirus (Covid-19), always in line with the Cyprus Government's measures, and the end result was more than we could have expected.


What a whirlwind 2020 has been!

The Anglia oral and written exams took place in July across the island under strict hygiene and distance regulations.

Our main priority was the safety of all our students, examiners, invigilators and ushers, of course, therefore we decided to organise smaller sessions in all four districts.

Everybody came to the exam centres with a big smile, feeling positive and confident. We are very pleased about this and proud of all our youngsters and their teachers for all their hard work and competence to adjust to the new ‘rules’.

We would like to wish everyone good luck in their exam results, a nice and relaxing summer and all the best for the new school year in September.

Stay well, keep safe and remain positive!

Anglia Spain

Online Exams


Chris Kunz, the President at Anglia Spain, delivered the webinar ‘The Pronunciation of English as a Lingua Franca – Shifting from EFL to ELF’ this month. 

Also, and by public demand, we decided to organise a couple of webinars on a different time slot. This is why we invited Joseph Schlefke, our colleague of Book Services & Express Publishing, Mexico, to deliver one more session this month. He had already presented for our members in June, and very kindly accepted to support our Anglia Members again. Thank you, Joseph.     

Last but not least, we are also having Luciana Fernandez, sponsored by National Geographic, delivering the Webinar ‘Developing Communicative Competence in the 21st Century Learner’. Thank you, Luciana. All participants will be delighted to be part of your session.

Exam Sessions

This month we have had exam sessions in Granada, Malaga, Almeria, Jaen, and Zaragoza. We had our usual paper-based exam sessions as well as online exam sessions from home for the second time. We expect to keep registering candidates and to grow more with this modality which suits students perfectly.

We have also begun registering students for our forthcoming exam session in August.

Words by our Peter Vooght, Anglia Agent in Zaragoza

Despite the current situation with Covid-19, students from across the City of Zaragoza have signed up for their ANGLIA exams for August, with others about to take their exams next week at United Academy of English and Super Simple English. Results have been great so far as exam recognition in the region gains ground, with a near 100% pass rate from B1 to C2. Good luck for the upcoming exams.

Cultural Exchange Spain/China

Words by Alejandro Salas of Escuela Municipal de Idiomas de Tabernas

For the past three months, a group of eleven students from our Anglia member “Escuela Municipal de Idiomas de Tabernas” (Spain) has engaged in a cultural exchange with “Yong Chang School” in Shanghai (China), by means of a digital net meeting platform. During this period, students from both sides have been performing a wide range of common activities, both on-line and off-line, such as presentations about their respective countries, discussions, games and a digital diary, to name just a few. The participants have enjoyed this initiative pretty much and have also built bonds of friendship during the lockdown days.

News from Latin America

Throughout Latin America, we all continue to work from home, with very few exceptions in some cities/ countries within the Network.

We permanently offer our Members activities for students & teachers alike we know they can all benefit vastly from:


We’ve had yet more International Speakers offering webinars for Anglia Members, at no cost. Before the month is out we will, once again, enjoy a webinar by Chris Kunz – President of the Ibero-American Network, as well as one by Luciana Fernandez, sponsored by National Geographic Learning. Anglia Members from all over Latin America are registering to attend in droves.

Professional Development

Chris Kunz – President of the Ibero-American Network, is now offering English Language Professionals a New Language Revamp Course, distributed in four 2-hour sessions spread over the course of the month of August. This comprehensive course will touch on subjects such as improving pronunciation, understanding heavily accented English, developing public speaking skills and upgrading your English, in general. The course is open to participants from all countries.

Anglia Projects

We proudly announce the winners of the Second Anglia Challenge! Hundreds of candidates from First Step and Intermediate levels have shown their English written production in this new challenge. Each winner has been awarded a scholarship to sit an Anglia Exam of their choice free of charge. Congratulations to both of them.

Online Exams

We continue to offer several informative meetings for Anglia Members and other interested parties. These sessions aim to supply all participants with details and answer their questions regarding Anglia Online Exams.

They say it best…

We’ve asked our local Agents in the Network to share a few words about their work in the past few months and this is what they have shared:

“Our Local Agent in Neuquén and Río Negro, Gilda Bosso, in collaboration with ISG ST GEORGE - Exam Centre since 2004 - has recently launched a new site, supporting Anglia Examinations with a microsite within it. This brand new site offers teachers, students and institutions updated information about Anglia Exams and how to prepare for them during this COVID-19 pandemic. This tool also offers resources and tips on how to readapt teaching practice using ISG virtual campus to support those students who are interested in the variety of exams offered by Anglia (Exams on paper, oral sessions through Zoom and ONLINE exams).

Anglia Exams are being offered in the north of Patagonia, reaching not only the main cities but also those cities further afield, where teachers as well as private and public institutions need international qualifications. 

ISG is profoundly proud of working within the Anglia Ibero-American Network. 

“Part of the first half of this current year has been very unusual under the Covid-19 pandemic, and now that it´s winter school break in Argentina, as an Anglia Local Agent, I made up my mind to reflect on what´s been going on in this area.

As is the case every year, at the beginning of the school period, I get in contact with teachers, coordinators, heads of schools and institutions, to offer them relevant information about Anglia Exams and how to implement them, and to keep them updated on the latest news. This year has been no exception. There have been many interviews and we have all been in very close communication ever since. As a result, new members have become part of the ever-growing Anglia family.

When the Pandemic appeared on scene, the physical contact with all the Anglia members turned into virtual exchanges, without exception. Soon afterwards, Anglia Ibero-America was present to help and support them all, which was a very well received gesture.

But, the uncertainty about what was going to happen with final exams started to grow among teachers. It was then that I got lots of queries from most of our members. Among all these doubts, a light of hope appeared: Anglia Online Exams! Then, relieved teachers, schools and institutions started to plan ahead with a clearer purpose in mind. They were invited to take part in the online sessions that Anglia offered to explain and give detailed information about these new online as well as paper- based exams, and start planning the next round of exams in our country.  Many have already participated in them, and, I´m sure many more will take their part in the sessions to come.

The second part of the school period is starting soon, and it will be one filled with great decisions. We will be working together to do our best and keep giving our advice and support to all our Anglia members.

Mirta Sarchione, Anglia Local Agent - Pergamino. Bs. As. Argentina

Develop Consulting Group, Local Agents in the North of Argentina, started an online training project in Technical English for professionals, in order to promote our Business English Exams, since they are a key aspect in the working world and personal performance.

Verónica Pema, Director of DCG, highlights: “We aim at developing professional standards for those who want to go the extra mile in their career, as well as empower young professionals who are looking to start working. Nothing better than preparing for a job challenge by certifying their knowledge of Business English, with such an international organisation”.

The first Workshop, about Legal English, at Intermediate level or above, will be held by Translator and Professor Mariana Quiroga, specialized in Business and Legal English; and it will cover an area of great interest nowadays: Telecommuting. The main topic will be: Implications of working from home and Legal aspects of remote working.

Anglia supports DCG in this creative project by sponsoring our workshops, to reach more international professionals who aspire to excellence.”

Anglia Argentina

Cultural Exchange Programmes

Anglia Uruguay

We are thrilled to announce that Universidad Católica del Uruguay (UCU) now accepts Anglia Certificates (CEFR B1 - C2) as proof of English Language proficiency. Such proof is required from anyone wishing to be exempt from attending, otherwise mandatory,  English language classes at UCU. We are sure that this recognition will encourage more Schools and Schools of English in Uruguay to become Anglia Centres.

Anglia Ecuador

Teachers in Ecuador have shown great interest not only in our new suite of Online Exams, but also in Anglia’s paper-based exams to offer their students International Qualifications in the running school year.

This month, we give a whole-hearted welcome to the Anglia Family to TEC International school of English

Anglia Bolivia

Luz Marina Mendez, our Local Agent in the region of Santa Cruz de la Sierra, has kindly shared these words with us:

Santa Cruz de la Sierra is the heart of the Economy of Bolivia. At this moment, we are experiencing one of the worst periods in the history of Bolivia, but we are not able to stop working. We are in a flexible quarantine. So, we can see people coming back to their duties. They are working in their offices from 7:30 to 14:00. Even some means of transport, such as a few buses and taxis, are running until 17:00 from Monday to Friday. As regards Education, Schools and Universities have not opened their doors to their students yet because the Covid 19 pandemic continues. They still teach their students virtually. English Support Centre as the local agent of Anglia Exams has also been operating. We are in the 2nd term of registration for Anglia Exams in Bolivia. We are informing our contacts of registration dates, future test dates and test prices through RRSS, WhatsApp and e-mail. Moreover, they have the opportunity to take International Exams Online such as General English and Business English Exams. English Support Centre hopes to soon gather a group of candidates who are willing to take an Anglia Exams.


Even though COVID-19 is hitting hard in Colombia and schools are still under lockdown, we have had exam registrations this month. This means we will be having an exam session in August and administrative work is being done at the moment this end. Thank you, Carolina Rubio, Anglia Local Agent in Colombia, for your hard work! 

We would like to welcome our new Local Agent, Mr. Pedro Cruz of Pesol Centre Educational Teaching Service. Meetings were held, and after providing them with all the information and support, it is time for them to start having an active role in Colombia. We do hope to have a fruitful relationship and to grow in areas where Anglia still needs to get bigger in Colombia. Good luck and welcome to our new partners!


Words from our Local Agents, English Connections:

We are conducting online interviews with school principals, teachers and coordinators to plan activities prior to the exams: such as placement tests, preparation courses for teachers, as well as providing all interested parties with information on how to conduct the international online exams.

This month we have visited the following schools online: “El Americano School”, “Liceo Santo Domingo”,  “Cifo School”,  and also have had meetings with English teachers interested in Anglia ESOL EXAMINATIONS.


Our newest Centre in the City of Mexico has sent us some photos of what his new Anglia School looks like and they are now getting ready to return to face-to-face classes.

News from Asia

Anglia Malaysia

Anglia in Malaysia has started to roll out dedicated Anglia English Centres. 

These Centres promote Anglia English programmes exclusively and will host Anglia exams, serving the community they are in. Despite the pandemic, Anglia Malaysia creates opportunities for entrepreneurs to join forces with the Malaysian team and forge ahead with zeal and fervor. 

Anglia The Philippines 

The American Institute Teacher Training Program with CITE 

The American Institute for English Proficiency in partnership with its sister company, the American Institute for Empowerment and Professionalism held a free teacher training entitled "The English Language Teacher Workshop " on July 20, 2020. This is part of the recruitment drive  to offer a teacher training program and CITE: Certificate for International Teachers of English.

The training covered three areas:

✅  Sharpening your English Language Skills

✅  Understanding Training Methodology for English Teachers

✅  Implementing Modernized Teaching Tools and Resources

Twenty two students attended the meeting and was quite happy and appreciative of the free seminar. Due to the warm reception we have received from the attendees, we will be conducting another one next month.

For more information, please click: https://www.aiepro.com/aieptesda/