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Happy Birthday

Anglia Netherlands Celebrate 25 Years!

Anglia Netherlands is one of our longest service partners and this year we join them in celebrating their 25th birthday! That's twenty five years of helping students to "Dream in English".

News and Updates from Anglia Examinations partners

What is going on in your country?

Welcome to the March newsletter for Anglia Examinations.

Words from Alice Osman, Chief Examiner:

"Here in the UK, with spring finally in the air, schools and colleges open, lockdown easing beginning and the vaccine being rolled out, there is certainly a positive (but cautiously positive) feeling in the air.

Expanding into the Greek Market

A.C.E is a group of leading English Language schools based in Greece...and our newest franchise partner.

We are excited to welcome Study Plan as our exclusive partners in Greece.

Anglia exam sessions worldwide

As most countries come out of lock-down and schools re-open, February exam sessions become possible. We have held sessions around the world, here is the exam news:

Eco-friendly Paperless Success

Fully proctored exams now available online.

The global pandemic forced us to accelerate our plans to transition to online exams. In November 2020 we went live with online provision of exams. After decades of relying on paper-based tests the transition to online exams had to be rolled out carefully to ensure that the integrity of our examination processes weren't compromised.