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Anglia Mastery Qualification Awarded UCAS Tariff points!

Successful candidates can now gain tariff points for UCAS applications from the Anglia Examinations Mastery level.

As of May 2021, students successfully completing the AIM Qualifications Level 3 Certificate in ESOL International (Anglia Mastery), will be awarded tariff points which can count towards their university application.

See the Anglia Exam UCAS tariif points allocation for the Mastery Level below

Happy Birthday

Anglia Netherlands Celebrate 25 Years!

Anglia Netherlands is one of our longest service partners and this year we join them in celebrating their 25th birthday! That's twenty five years of helping students to "Dream in English".

Anglia exam sessions worldwide

As most countries come out of lock-down and schools re-open. We have held sessions around the world, here is the exam news:

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Welcome to a snapshot of the August newsletter for Anglia Examinations. To see the full version please click here: Anglia Newsletter for September 2021

Expanding into the Greek Market

A.C.E is a group of leading English Language schools based in Greece...and our newest franchise partner.

We are excited to welcome Study Plan as our exclusive partners in Greece.