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What does Intermediate test?

The Anglia Intermediate general English exam is mapped to B1 level on the Common European Framework of Reference and is an AIM Entry Level 3 qualification on the UK National Qualifications Framework.

The Intermediate level of English represents a key milestone in the development of your English language skills. Whether you are an English teacher or school student intent on going on to further education, this exam is an important standard as you progress through our proficiency levels.

Over the four skills of reading, writing, listening and speaking (optional), the new items that this level tests are:

  • reported speech
  • the third conditional
  • the past perfect
  • certain gerund expressions
  • to have something done
  • conjunctions and connectives
  • cause and result with so/such...that
  • more phrasal verbs

What does the candidate have to do in the Intermediate test?

  • write a composition
  • write an informal message
  • read texts of different types 
  • match answers
  • multiple choice questions
  • sentence transformation
  • word transformation
  • gap fill
  • true/false/doesn’t say statements

Performance Indicators

The student has sufficient active vocabulary and structural understanding to:
  • write clear, connected text on descriptive, narrative or imaginary topics
  • read and understand texts from both concrete or abstract topics
  • distinguish between and use a variety of tenses: past, present and future
  • ask and answer questions about past or present or future events
  • express basic intention, purpose, obligation, preference, advice, agreement and disagreement process and hypothesis including regret and consequence
  • repeat messages, pass on information, check facts

Grammar and Structures List

Grammar and Structures What are they used for? Examples
Reported speech Repeating messages
Passing on information
Telling stories, jokes
Checking facts
"What is the height of the Empire State Building?"
He wanted to know what the height of the Empire State Building was.
"Did you phone your parents?" said Jane.
Jane asked us if we had phoned our parents.
The third conditional -
if/past perfect tense + would have/non finite verb
Expressing regret
Describing a past that never was
Talking through the consequences of our actions
They would have gone to the concert if they had had tickets.
If he had known, he would have finished earlier.
Past Perfect ordering the past as in reported speech and 3rd conditional above
The gerund - after certain prepositions in certain idiomatic expressions   After leaving work, he went to the gym.
It’s no use talking to him.
Is it worth doing?
To have something done Expressing the fact that the speaker commissioned an activity John had his house painted.
 Conjunctions of reason and purpose, cause and result, concession As connectives – and, but, nevertheless, or, however  Talking about why people do things, the purpose of something, its cause, expressing surprise
Expressing connections in a sentence, text or argument
She goes to the gym in order to keep fit.
There is a lack of water as a result of the hot weather.
Despite/in spite of his wealth, he wasn’t happy.
Changes in word order in specific situations Expressing information accurately To the north is…


A good example of an essay at Anglia Intertmediate Level B1:

N.B. This is an example of a genuine candidate's essay at this level. Therefore, the language may contain grammatical, lexical or stylistic errors, originally made by the candidate him/herself.

"I opened the door and found a large box with my name on it."

Continue the story.

I opened the door and found a large box with my name on it. I wasn't expecting something from the post office, but I was curious so I decided to open it.

I couldn't believe my eyes! There was an enormous teddy bear, a box of chocolates, flowers and card. The card said 'Dear Julia. Happy Valentine's Day! Love, anonymous.' I jumped with joy! I was really glad. I finally got presents from a boy for Valentine's Day. I decided to call my friends to come over and tell them about my secret fan!

When they arrived, I told them all about it. We all screamed together 'Ahhh!!' My friend created a list with the names of all the boys of our school and our neighbourhood so that we discover who had sent me the presents. That took us a long time! 'I think it's John. No! Nicholas!' they were saying. Then my dad came downstairs and said, 'Happy Valentine's Day, darling. I hope you enjoyed the presents from your daddy.' I was shocked! I still remember that day and feel embarased! I know that some day I'll get a real present for Valentine's Day, but from a boy this time!

201 words


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