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Anglia Exams: First Step

Anglia first step exam bookPerfect for children as young as five years old. The exams use simple language and brightly-coloured pictures to engage young learners.

An alternative version is available for adult learners at beginner level. For more information, please scroll down to the bottom of the page.  

What does First Step test?

  • an understanding of about 100 words from familiar categories such as colours, numbers, family members and items in the home
  • an understanding of the first useful structures such as classroom commands and how to say who you are

What does the candidate have to do in their First Step exam?

  • match with lines
  • mark with a tick or a cross
  • colour and draw
  • find and copy single letters

Performance Indicators?

The candidate

  • has a basic vocabulary recognition of about 100 words
  • can read and follow simple instructions
  • can understand the language of basic identification

Grammar and Structures List

Grammar and Structures What are they used for? Examples


Understanding instructions Draw a line.Tick or cross. Write the letter. Colour or write. Colour the right number. Listen to the words. Tick the box. Stop! Don't touch! Stand up. Sit down.
Present Simple of the verb 'to be' 3rd person Identifying an object The flower is red. It is a computer.
Present Simple of the verb 'to be' 1st person

Identifying yourself

My name is Bob. I'm 8.
A question  Identifying an object What is it?
A noun with number and colour modifiers Identifying objects two green eyes/ one blue nose
I/ It


I'm six years old.

It is a bike.

There is/There are Identifying an object/objects

There is one apple.

There are three apples. 

There is a/one/two red ball(s).

 a, an, the As part of the identification of an object  

an egg/ the teacher/ a book


Days of the week day, week, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday
Cardinal Numbers one, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine, ten
Colours colour, red, blue, yellow, green, black, white, orange, brown
The Home house, table, chair, window, door, bed, television, garden
School school, book, teacher, pen, computer, bag, name
Face eye(s), nose, ear(s), mouth
Animals animal, cat, dog, fish, bird
Transport car, train, bus, bike
People mother, father, brother, sister, baby, man, woman, boy, girl
Food food, apple, banana, chocolate, cake, egg
Nature tree, flower
Sport sport, football, tennis, ball
Identification Yes. No. My name is _________. I'm six years old.
Greetings Hello. Goodbye.
Instructions Stop! Don't touch! Stand up. Sit down.
Exams  tick, cross, word, letter, box, line, draw, read, write, colour


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Adult Version of First Step Level

An alternative version is available for adults learning at a beginner level. The exam consists of the same performance indicators, but is based more towards adult senarios. For example instead of drawing or labelling a monster, there are photographs with questions, and answers to match with questions. The word list has been slightly revised. For practice material, please click here. (Link to Adult Learner Practice Material)