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Our graduates include English language teachers, students taking English exams to get into University and people intent on getting jobs with employers who value Anglia exams as proof of their reading, writing, listening and speaking English skills.

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Alberto Zoli

CEO ICEDEP SAS - Ibague, Colombia

“I am the CEO of ICEDEP SAS, a company which owns two educational establishments: COLEGIO EUROPEO and IDEU Idiomas Europeos. Since 2013 we have been offering Anglia Exams to our students and to university students in general. We are convinced of the very high quality of the exams, perfectly aligned with the CEFR.”


Cruz Alta, Córdoba, Argentina

Hi! My name is Angelina Manfredi. I’m from Cruz Alta, Córdoba, Argentina. I’m currently studying Environmental Engineering at UCA (Universidad Católica Argentina). I studied English at Springland Institute here in Cruz Alta and I took Anglia examinations every year. I sat my Anglia Advanced (B2) Examination in 2018. Thanks to this, I was able to validate my level of English.

Ivana- Argentina

CEO in SOSUNC (Health Insurance Department - National University of Comahue) in the Province of Neuquén, Argentina.

I got my Anglia C1 certificate in 2017, when I was 42 years old. It was an important success to my personal development, especially two years later when I got my Masters degree in Political Management at the National University of Cordoba. In order to graduate I had to show proof of the fact that I had passed an internationally recognised English language test at, at least, B1 level and I submitted my Anglia Proficiency certificate.  Now, with this certificate, I am able to apply for a job at international organizations such as the WHO (this is my dream!).


St. George Institute - AcCEPT Proficiency (C1)

“My name's Antonella, 22, from Centenario, Neuquén, Argentina, where I studied English as a second language at St.George Institute. During those years as an English student, I learnt a new way to express myself in another language. My teachers taught me many tools which helped me to sit for my Anglia Exam. Also, passing the exam allowed me to have my level of English recognised and accepted by the Comahue National University.”


Babel Institute, Corral de Bustos, Argentina

“This past Summer, I spent 5 weeks studying English in Auckland, Nueva Zelanda. Thanks to Anglia International Exams, and all the preparation I do every year to sit for them, I knew exactly what level course I would start at. They also helped me to prepare for the entry & final tests, as I was well aware of what international English exams looked like, and was much more relaxed doing them. Besides the written exam, I had several oral interviews where I found myself more relaxed as well. On another topic, preparing and sitting Anglia Speaking exams has allowed me to communicate comfortably in English when debating in class, with friends from different countries, or making a presentation in class, which I got to practice in my last Anglia exam.”


Centenario, Neuquén, Argentina

“I’ve been learning English since I was very little at Saint George School and I’ve always loved it! Anglia has given me the opportunity to go step by step and reach a truly high level of English. This also allowed me to submit my Anglia C1 certificate to the authorities of the Faculty of Biomedical Sciences at Universidad Austral in Pilar, Buenos Aires and have my level of English recognised and accepted. Besides, together with Anglia Ibero-America, I was able to travel to Chichester College and do an English course there.”


The English Centre - College of Languages, Spain

“According to my experience with Anglia Exams, I have to say that they were very straight-forward to complete, and were exactly as we were trained they would be. The distribution of the different skills was very well-coordinated and I had no trouble with their execution, even when I was the first one to sit the speaking skill; although a bit nervous, I could do it with no problems. As regards the use I’ve given these certificates, there are a few: I was able to successfully apply for an Erasmus Scholarship, and it also enabled me to obtain my Degree at the University of Almería.”


St. John’s School of English, Spain

“Thanks to my Anglia Certificate, I have just got my degree from the Santiago de Compostela University. I had just finished my studies and I was required to show my English language proficiency, so I chose Anglia because it is simple and flexible.”


Instituto Babel - AcCEPT Proficiency (C1)

“Having sat this exam, I could take advantage of my University’s option of accrediting my level of English & not have to attend English classes in my Course of Studies, Agribusiness. I thought this was a great opportunity, as it recognises students who’ve previously made an effort to improve their level of English. Thanks to this Anglia certificate, I was also able to enjoy a 5-week student exchange experience in Auckland, New Zealand.”


Babel, Corral de Bustos, Córdoba, Argentina

“I submitted my Anglia Intermediate (B1) certificate in order to go on a one year exchange programme to India, organised by the Rotary Club. I managed to have my knowledge of English accredited for that purpose without a problem.”


Babel Institute, Argentina - Advanced (B2)

“The last exam I did was Anglia Advanced level and the experience of doing this exam helped me to face exams at university, and to develop my speaking, reading, writing and listening skills in English. Besides, getting feedback from British teachers at Chichester College, when I travelled there, was an amazing opportunity to make an improvement in the different areas.”


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