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Anglia Exams: Tests of English as a Foreign or Second Language

Anglia Exams are ideal for testing the abilities of those learning English as a foreign language. The Anglia General English exam suite measures all four language skills - listening, reading, speaking and writing.

Our exams are ideal for teachers and students of English as a foreign or second language and are designed to measure the ability and help guide candidates from beginner level at First Step, to Masters (C2) level. Our young-learner levels are also available for adult learners, meaning that anyone at any age can start learning English step-by-step with confidence. Anglia's educational testing service is designed to support education providers and  measure the ability of English language proficiency of leaners at all ages and ability.

Our Unique Step by Step Approach

General English Exam SuiteAnglia Examinations offers a unique step-by-step approach, enabling effective, incremental development of language skills from First Step level up to Mastery level.  This unique, clear and user-friendly pathway has helped students worldwide to become happy, confident and successful speakers of English. We offer a comprehensive and structured programme for accurately assessing competence in English, taking students through as many levels as they need to achieve their personal and professional goals in the language. 

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  • First Step +

    First StepOur entry level English language exam. Children as young as four years old can begin here. Demonstrate an understanding of about 100 words, follow basic classroom instructions and know how to say who you are. Read More
  • Junior Level Exam +

    Junior Level ExamOur second step in the Anglia English exam learning journey. Students need to be able to demonstrate an understanding of around 200 words, are able to use useful structures and explain what they are doing. Read More
  • Primary Level Exam +

    Primary Level ExamStep 3 in our progressive exam series covers a vocabulary of about 400 words in categories like jobs, feelings and weather. Students will be able to demonstrate how to form questions, provide answers to questions, and be able to describe things. Read More
  • Preliminary Level Exam +

    Preliminary Level ExamThis is the first exam level to divide testing into the separate skills of writing, listening, and speaking. The speaking component is optional. The test includes covers a vocabulary of around 800 words, understanding of the past simple, regular and irregular verbs. Read More
  • A2 Elementary Level Exam +

    A2 Elementary Level ExamOur elementary exam equates to level A2 on the CEFR. Subjects covered include increased vocabulary, future, past and present tenses, modals and expressing purpose. Relative and reflexive pronouns together with adverbs are also tested. Read More
  • A2+ Progressive (Pre-Intermediate) +

    A2+ Progressive (Pre-Intermediate)Our progressive exam level equates to level A2+ on the CEFR. The test covers increased vocabulary, the passive, the second conditional, the gerund, non-finite and phrasal verbs Read More
  • Intermediate B1 CEFR +

    Intermediate B1 CEFRAnglia Exams Intermediate Level (CEFR B1) What does Intermediate test? The Anglia Intermediate general English exam is mapped to B1 level on the Common European Framework of Reference and is an AIM Entry Level 3 qualification on the UK National Qualifications Framework. The Intermediate level of English represents a key Read More
  • Advanced Level B2 CEFR +

    Advanced Level B2 CEFRThe Anglia Advanced level exam is rated as level B2 on the CEFR. Reading, writing, listening, and speaking (optional) are tested. This level covers increased vocabulary, inversion, verbs followed by the past tense and uses of the infinitive. Read More
  • Anglia Proficiency Exam C1 CEFR +

    Anglia Proficiency Exam C1 CEFR The Anglia Proficiency exam is mapped to C1 on the Common European Framework of Reference (CEFR) and is an AIM Level 2 qualification on the UK National Qualifications Framework. Read More
  • Mastery Exam C2 CEFR +

    Mastery Exam C2 CEFROur ESOL International Level 3 Mastery exam is Ofqual approved and endorsed by AIM Qualifications & Assessment Group. Read More
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