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Business English Exam Advanced Test (B2 Level)Advanced business english examination

What does the Advanced Business English Exam test?

At this level, candidates are expected to have a level of English equivalent to B2 on the CEFR. As the Business English exams are based on a candidate's ability to perform practical functions in the workplace, this exam does not have a specific grammar and structures syllabus. The business context tends to demand set structures. However, the syllabus of the corresponding level (B2) of the General English examinations gives an overview of the language expected at this level.

What does the candidate have to do in the Advanced Business English test?

  • note taking
  • gap fill
  • write an email including key details
  • write an email using information extracted from a text
  • read emails of different functions 
  • write an email in response to a given situation
  • provide responses to one sdie of a dialogue
  • write a summary of a business-related text

 Performance Indicators

In a typical business environment, the student can:
  • listen to, pick out and record relevant information from an authentic context
  • read and manipulate a variety of written forms of business communication including letter, note, email, newspaper article
  • deal with a longer business-related text; provide an accurate summary of key points
  • respond appropriately in a typical business conversation or exchange

Who is this exam suitable for?