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Proficiency Business English Exam (C1)Proficiency business

What does the Proficiency Business English Exam test?

At this level, candidates are expected to have a level of English equivalent to C1 on the CEFR. As the Business English exams are based on a candidate's ability to perform practical functions in the workplace, this exam does not have a specific grammar and structures syllabus. The business context tends to demand set structures. However, the syllabus of the corresponding level (C1) of the General English examinations gives an overview of the language expected at this level.

 What does the candidate have to do in the Proficiency Business English test?

  • gap fill
  • note taking
  • complete data on a graph
  • analyse a graph and draw conclusions
  • write a report
  • read a range of text types
  • write a report comparing different companies/services
  • match texts with headlines

 Performance Indicators

 In a typical business environment, the student can:

  • follow presentations or exchanges typical of business meetings and accurately convert the information into an acceptable graphic representation
  • summarise information from a wide range of different spoken and written sources
  • deal with longer, complex business texts
  • write a coherent, structured report
  • control the language of business and manipulate it for specific purposes
  • demonstrate an understanding of longer text on a business-related topic

Who is this exam suitable for?