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What does Intermediate test?

Intermediate is B1 on the Common European Framework of Reference and an AIM Entry Level 3 qualification on the UK National Qualification Framework. Over the four skills of reading, writing, listening and speaking (optional), new elements that this level tests are:

  • Reported speech
  • The third conditional
  • The past perfect
  • Certain gerund expressions
  • To have something done
  • Conjunctions and connectives
  • Variation in word order
  • More phrasal verbs

What does the candidate have to do in their Intermediate test?

  • a composition
  • an informal message
  • Multiple choice questions
  • Matching through labelling
  • Gap fill
  • Sentence transformation
  • Word transformation
  • Rearrange word order
  • True/false/doesn’t say statements

The student has sufficient active vocabulary and structural understanding to

  • write clear connected text on descriptive, narrative or imaginary topics
  • read and understand texts from both concrete or abstract topics
  • distinguish between and use a variety of tenses: past, present and future
  • ask and answer questions about past or present or future events
  • express basic intention, purpose, obligation, preference, advice, agreement and disagreement process and hypothesis including regret and consequence
  • repeat messages, pass on information, check facts

Grammar and Structures List

Grammar and Structures What are they used for? Some examples
Reported speech Repeating messages
Passing on information
Telling stories, jokes
Checking facts
"What is the height of the Empire State Building?"
He wanted to know what the height of the Empire State Building was.
"Did you phone your parents?" said Jane.
Jane asked us if we had phoned our parents.
The third conditional - 
if/past perfect tense + would have/non finite verb
Expressing regret
Describing a past that never was
Talking through the consequences of our actions
They would have gone to the concert if they had had tickets.
If he had known, he would have finished earlier.
Past Perfect ordering the past as in reported speech and 3rd conditional above
The gerund  - after certain prepositions in certain idiomatic expressions   After leaving work, he went to the gym.
It’s no use talking to him.
Is it worth doing?
To have something done Expressing the fact that the speaker commissioned an activity John had his house painted.
Conjunctions of reason and purpose, cause and result, concession As connectives – and, but, nevertheless, or, however Talking about why people do things, the purpose of something, its cause, expressing surprise
Expressing connections in a sentence, text or argument
She goes to the gym in order to keep fit.
There is a lack of water as a result of the hot weather.
Despite/in spite of his wealth, he wasn’t happy.
Changes in word order in specific situations Expressing information accurately To the north is…

A good example of an essay at this level:

"From the moment I saw her I knew we would be friends."

Continue the story.

From the moment I saw her I knew we would be friends. She was the tallest girl in my class. It was the first school day and I was really excited. I was sitting on my desk and watching her. She was smiling and her white teeth were shining like diamonds. Her blue eyes were like the bright September sky. She was wearing an yellow hat on her thick brown hair. Her clothes were very nice. She was a wearing black striped skirt and an orange T-shirt with flowers.
When I said 'Hello' I understood that she was a very kind person. We started to talk about different things and we sat on next door desks. This was the beginning of our friendship. Now we're best friends and we love spending our free time together. We really enjoy going for a walk in the nearest park, or having a party in her house. We love rollerblading in hot summer evenings, or going to the local swimming pool. We're all the time together.
All my life I had been looking for a best friend, and now I'm really happy because I found her!

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