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Anglia exam sessions worldwide

As most countries come out of lock-down and schools re-open. We have held sessions around the world, here is the exam news:

News from Europe

Anglia Netherlands

Exam sessions and Speaking tests took place in over 60 schools all over The Netherlands.

Anglia Spain

In May Exam Sessions were held in Madrid, Barcelona, Lanzarote, Orense, Malaga, Zaragoza, Granada and Almeria, where students had paper-based exams. Also, we had Online Exam sessions in Caceres, Ferrol and Santiago de Compostela.

Anglia Greece

Completed their first session in Athens this month.

Anglia Cyprus

Speaking tests are going on at the moment all over the island following all testing procedures and safety protocols. Tests will continue in all districts until the end of June.
Written exams took place in our exam centres in Nicosia, Limassol, Paphos and Paralimni.

News from Latin America

Anglia Argentina

The May Online and Paper-based Exam sessions have just come to an end in Argentina. We know candidates loved being able to sit their exams.
Many schools are looking to hold exam sessions in the coming months, so Guadalupe Rodriguez, our Operations Manager, has been offering information and update meetings for schools and parents.

Anglia Chile

May also saw a large exam session in Chile. Those students who were unable to sit their exams in April have now completed their exams.

Anglia Peru

A reading/writing/listening-only exam session is currently taking place in Peru, for candidates who were expecting to sit their 4-skill exams this past January, but were only able to carry out speaking interviews back then, due to the heavy restrictions imposed in the country. They were all very much looking forward to completing their certifications.