Anglia is a community

February 2021 saw the first meeting of our newly formed steering group. Comprising of key partners from around the world , this group is focussed on working together to help raise the profile and capabilities of Anglia Examinations.

Here at Anglia HQ we pride ourselve on being part of a global community but sometimes keeping abreast of developments around the world can be a daunting process. Consequently, we have pulled together a Steering Group to help shape our strategy. Latin America, Europe and South East Asian English exam parterns are all represented on this forum. During the first meeting each partner updated other on their challenges and successe and shared ideas on how they are grappling with the global pandemic. It wassn't just a "talking shop" though, it was agreed the three working groups will be formed to help shape Anglia Examination's thinking into the future. The working groups are:

  • University and Employer Recognition Working Group: Aimed at increasing the number of Higher Education institutions globally who official recognise our English exams
  • Anglia New Product Working Group: Aimed at developing new and exciting exams so that Anglia can remain relevant in today's changing world.
  • Anglia Exams Marketing Working Group: Which brings together Anlgia partners from around the world to work together to promote our brand and share the amazing Anglia story.

We know the collaboration in education is the only way forward and we're all looking forward to sharing ideas, exchanging best practice and taking Anglia to new heights.