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Welcome to a snapshot of the May newsletter for Anglia Examinations. To see the full version please click here: Anglia Newsletter fo May 2021

Words from Alice Osman, Chief Examiner:

"As we head towards one of our busiest periods of the year in terms of examinations, it is also a time of intense preparation, training seminars and standardisation. Within the past week, seminars have been held for the Anglia team in Latin America, and for the TESOL Colombia IV event. Speaking assessor training is ongoing worldwide, and we are preparing our team of markers, who are getting their pens ready for the main marking session in July.

While the events of the past 18 months have affected us all, the workload has actually increased. With online exams now in demand and multiple smaller sessions, a new website, new YL products and Exam Preparation books being finalised, the Anglia team at HQ in Chichester is working at full stretch. I’d like to take this chance to acknowledge the incredible efforts of the Anglia HQ team, who have been working tirelessly to keep the wheels turning. Thank you.

A huge thank you also goes to all of you worldwide, for your ongoing resilience and commitment in keeping Anglia the collaborative and supportive company that it is. We very much look forward to the time, hopefully in the not-too-distant future, when we can meet again face to face."

Anglia Cyprus

Speaking tests are going on at the moment all over the island following all testing procedures and safety protocols. Tests will continue in all districts until the end of June.

On 29th May the written exams took place in our exam centres in Nicosia, Limassol, Paphos and Paralimni.

Well done to all the candidates! You and your teachers should be very proud of yourselves, especially after the challenging year we have been through.

Also, a big thank you to our team of oral assessors and invigilators for delivering the sessions in the most efficient and professional way.

Best of luck to the students who are taking their exam in June. Keep calm and do your best!

Anglia Netherlands

Building Bridges bigger in next school year

Positive feedback from participating partner schools around the world has changed the Building Bridges plans for next school year.
We will offer more levels and more Live Meetings will also be an option. Standard format will be 2 Live Meetings, with preparation on our Platform and Video shoots, taking place between November and April. Some schools have indicated they would like more regular meetings, minimum 5 per school year, so we will try to match schools interested in this premium version. Registration starts in September 2021.

Anglia Spain

Language & Culture Exchange Programme

Students from Escuela Municipal de Tabernas, an Exam Centre based in Almeria, participated in the 4th Language & Culture Exchange Programme organised by Anglia Examinations Ibero-America. This time, the programme gathered students from Peru, Argentina, Colombia and Spain. All virtual meetings were monitored by Estefania Krogulec, International Liaison Officer at Anglia Examinations Ibero-America. Thank you, Estefania, for assisting all teachers involved in the programme and for your true professionalism.

Anglia Greece

A.C.E. Qualifications have completed their first exam session! They booked a 5* hotel in Athens (Athens Marriott) and we accommodated 100 candidates from Primary to Pre-Intermediate levels. Congratualations to all those candidates and A.C.E. are looking forward to organising more and more sessions in the near future.

Anglia Argentina

May has found Chris Kunz, our President, very busy! On Saturday, 8th May, Chris virtually visited teachers at a webinar organised jointly between Anglia Examinations and the Teacher Training College in Chivilcoy, Buenos Aires, and Saturday, 15th May found him enlightening teachers at a CPD session organised by the Teachers’ Association from San Nicolás, Buenos Aires. During both sessions teachers and advanced students were delighted to learn from Chris’s expertise. Thank you all for coming.

Anglia Chile

May also saw a large exam session in Chile. Those students who were unable to sit their exams in April have now completed their exams. We wish all candidates the best of luck!

Also, we have had information meetings with SBS Chile, our Local Agents in the country, as well as with English Language Professionals interested in our exams.


Anglia Colombia

In May Anglia Examinations participated in TESOL COLOMBIA IV. The conference was virtual and all the sessions focused on “Reinventing ELT practices to meet the needs of the new normal”.

Alice Osman, Chief Examiner at Anglia Examinations HQs, delivered a session on Reinventing and Recycling in the ELT classroom. Also, our President for the Ibero-American Network, Chris Kunz, gave a session on Teaching the Pronunciation of English as a Lingua Franca in times of pandemic -The need to shift from EFL to ELF. The audiences were truly delighted by both presentations. Thank you, Alice and Chris, for having represented Anglia Examinations at the Conference.

The Anglia Examinations Virtual Booth did not stop being visited. We had active and fluid interaction with attendees who not only took part in our Raffles but also enjoyed and attended an Anglia Examinations and Chichester College Group Presentation during the event.

Anglia Bolivia

Estefanía Krogulec, International Liaison Officer, recently delivered a presentation and answered questions from very interested students from Smart Step, our Anglia Official Exam Centre in Cochabamba and Oruro. Thank you everyone for joining us.

Anglia Mexico

Words from our Local Agents, Books Services:

"In Mexico, many schools around the country are embarking on a methodically planned and gradual return to in-person classes after more than a year of online learning. A national campaign to vaccinate the general population began in April, and teachers started receiving vaccines in early May, with many teachers around the country now fully vaccinated. A voluntary reopening of schools began earlier this year in some states, mainly initiated by private schools, and now Mexico City is planning to allow schools to reopen at the beginning of June. Health precautions are required in all instances, including strict protocols for cleanliness, sanitation, and disinfection, and face masks will be obligatory at all times. Many schools will adopt a rotational class schedule in which half the students will attend classes on Mondays and Wednesdays and the other half on Tuesdays and Thursdays. Days in which students do not attend in-person classes will be devoted to home study. Despite the approaching end of the school year in July, this “trial run” to reopen schools now will allow administrators and government officials to gauge its effectiveness and make any adjustments for when the 2021–2022 school calendar begins at the end of August. For the moment, no ceremonies or large-group activities will be permitted, and the first detected case of COVID-19 within a school will result in its closing until further notice."

Anglia Brazil

Teachers in Brazil, interested in finding out more about Anglia exams, recently joined Guadalupe Rodriguez for an information meeting, where they asked all their questions after the presentation.

Anglia Peru

A reading/writing/listening-only exam session is currently taking place in Peru, for candidates who were expecting to sit their 4-skill exams this past January, but were only able to carry out speaking interviews back then, due to the heavy restrictions imposed in the country. They were all very much looking forward to completing their certifications.

Anglia Paraguay

It is a festive month in Paraguay as they celebrate their Independence Day, Mother’s Day and Teacher’s Day throughout the same week. We’re sending our love to all our Anglia members in the country.

On a different note, paper certificates have just started their journey from the UK and will be arriving at the local Exam Centres in the next few weeks. Congratulations to all candidates on their hard work and hats off to their teachers for their fantastic job.

Anglia Indonesia

On May 2, we commemorate the National Education Day every year. The history of National Education Day cannot be separated from the figure and struggle of Ki Hadjar Dewantara, the father of education. “Everyone becomes a teacher, every house becomes a school. Education does not stop at school buildings, but also at home, on the streets, and elsewhere” is one of the famous quotes of Ki Hadjar Dewantara.

In the same month, Anglia Indonesia conducted the second Teacher and Student webinars using our Anglia Online Platform. This series of online webinar are part of our commitment to support the project schools. During the group discussion in the Break Out Room, students shared their experiences using platform for the past six weeks. Listening and speaking were often mentioned as students’ favourite activity from Anglia Online Platform. It enables them to learn and practice English actively and independently at home. “These (listening and speaking) are something that we do not get from school”, one of the students explained. Four weeks left for the students to complete the course, and we earnestly look forward to hear more stories and feedback from students and teachers.