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Our partners offer Anglia Examinations within discreet territories.

We work together to ensure that the quality and rigour of Anglia Exams are maintained to ensure consistency and high standards at all times. Please note that the map below is not yet complete- we will add further partners soon.

Map of Anglia Partners

Anglia Franchisees

Paraguay flag logo

Anglia Paraguay

Up until a few years ago, students in Paraguay used to favour American English Exams over British English Exams. Once they turned their focus to International English or English as a tool for international communication, Anglia Examinations started to thrive in the region.

City Scapes of ParaguayParaguay mapESOL exam takers in Paraguay

Anglia Peru peru 150px

Anglia started operating in Peru in 2007, and in 2014 English Connections became our local agents in the country. Their main office is in Lima, and they administer the entire country from there.

Our local agents are constantly in touch with Anglia members throughout the country offering both administrative and academic support - the clearly act as a bridge for schools in Peru to the central exams office for the Ibero-American Network.

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Anglia RussiaRussia Flag LogoBezzapinki new Anglia partner in Russia

Bezzapinki is a bilingual primary literacy school since 2011.
The school consists of a toddler school, a bilingual elementary school, and bilingual courses for children aged 4 to 13.
Since academic year 2022/23 Bezzapinki has began to cooperate with Anglia Examinations and received a license to be an official examination center. It is important for the school to give its students assess to English language skills through a qualifying exam which can be tested and recognised through receiving an official certificate.
Anglia Examinations can provide exams and testing materials so that preschoolers as young as four will also be able to enjoy the experience, gain confidence and improve their English ability.   
The new format provides new opportunities for the school and its brand to grow and expand into new territories, while building international relationships.


Anglia Russia is a part of Chelsea Education Consultancy (CEC) and is the Anglia franchisee for CIS Countries. 

If you would like to learn more about CEC or any other CIS countries click here.

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Anglia Philippines Philippines flag logo

In the Philippines, the Asean Education Group (AEG) partners with the American Institute for English Proficiency (AIEP), a premier English tutorial center in the Philippines, and American Institute for Empowerment and Professionalism, a TESDA accredited training center for English Language.

AIEP is a duly registered corporation under the Securities Exchange of the Philippines. AIEP aims to provide opportunities in employment and career advancement through English language programs and help bridge the gap created by the lack of English language communication skills in many young Filipino students, professionals, and foreign students. AIEP also focuses on boosting their students’ confidence and critical thinking. AIEP has programs accredited by the Technological Education and Skills Development Authority (TESDA), a government agency which manages and supervises education and technical skills development in the Philippines. The Anglia partnership agreement was signed in 2019. The first Anglia exams were conducted in early 2020.

American Institute Philippines Map of the Philippines Philippines beach landscape


Anglia SpainSpain logo

Anglia started operating in Spain back in 2007 in the Autonomous Community of Andalusia, where the country’s central exams office is still located. Anglia also has a large number of other hubs spread around the peninsula and the islands.

Anglia is recognised in Spain by the most important education-related organisations as well as government bodies. We are part of the ACLES’s (Association of Language Centres within Higher Education Institutions) and CRUE’s (Conference of Principals of Spanish Universities) list of recognising institutions, and we are also recognised by the National Government as well as Autonomous Communities.

.Anglia Spain HeadquartersMap of SpainSpanish Anglia Team