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We have recently started operating in Canada with the Latin American community, offering them the opportunity to internationally certify their level of English while they are in the country. This helps them to obtain the proof of English they need for education purposes and/ or the job market.


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We have already had our first candidates, and are looking forward to increasing our presence in several areas of the country in the coming years, becoming a widely recognised and accepted International Exam Board catering for students of English as a second language. Our online exams are available in Canada monthly, and paper-based options are available twice a year.

10 Interesting Facts about Canada

  1. Quebec manufactures more than 77% of the world’s maple syrup and a maple leaf is situated on the flag.
  2. Canada is home to 20% of the world’s fresh water.
  3. The 4.28 billion-year-old rock was discovered by geologists in 2001 in The Canadian Shield. This is the oldest rock on earth.
  4. Canada has a mysterious lake creature, Ogopogo, who reportedly lives in Lake Okanagan, British Columbia.
  5. Canada has the longest coastline of any country in the world.
  6. Popular sports include lacrosse, golf and ice hockey, with more than 2800 ice rinks.
  7. The capital city is Ottawa.
  8. Canada has many different species of bear, including polar, brown, and black bears. Now also home to Anne the Anglia bear too!
  9. Toronto is the largest city in the country.
  10. Canada celebrate 'Canada Day' on July 1st.

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