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Anglia started operating in Mexico in 2014, together with our Local Agents, Books Services. They are our main hub in Mexico, and the whole of the country is managed from their offices in the Capital City. They offer constant administrative and academic support to all our members in the country, and make every effort to continuously widen our network of schools and other institutions that either offer or recognise our exams and certifications.

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We offer candidates in Mexico one or two paper-based exam sessions a year, with the possibility of arranging extemporaneous sessions if needed, and monthly exam sessions for candidates who want to take our new online exams from home; the speaking component can be conducted 100% online for either format.

Students and teachers from Mexico have joined our programmes to study at Chichester College, part of Chichester College Group®, in the past few years and have completed either a course of English as a Foreign Language or a Teacher Training Course in the UK with us.

Our presence in Mexico is stronger each passing year, as more and more schools offer our exams & varied professional development options are made available to our Anglia Members and are open to the local EFL Community in general.

10 Interesting Facts About Mexico

  1. Mexico is home to the largest pyramid in the world.
  2. Mexico has 11,000km of coastline.
  3. Mexico City is the capital of Mexico.
  4. Mexico City has a large taxi fleet with more than 100,000 taxis in operation each day.
  5. There is a three-day celebration at the end of October to celebrate life and also remember loved ones that have passed away.
  6. The national symbol of Mexico is a golden eagle.
  7. Chocolate was discovered and originates in Mexico.
  8. The national sport of Mexico is the charreada, similar to rodeo.
  9. Mexico has over 59 varieties of corn.
  10. Mexico is home to the world's largest bullring.

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