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Anglia started operating in Peru in 2007, and in 2014 English Connections became our local agents in the country. Their main office is in Lima, and they administer the entire country from there.

Our local agents are constantly in touch with Anglia members throughout the country offering both administrative and academic support - the clearly act as a bridge for schools in Peru to the central exams office for the Ibero-American Network.

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We offer candidates in Peru one or two paper-based exam sessions a year, depending on demand, and monthly exam sessions for candidates wishing to sit the new online exams from home; the speaking component can be conducted 100% online for either format.

Students and teachers from Peru have joined our programmes to study at Chichester College, in the past few years and have completed either a course of English as a Foreign Language or a Teacher Training Course in the UK with us.

We steadily increase our customer base year after year, leading to further recognition for Anglia certificates with local universities and governments. We also offer all our members professional development, including many seminars and webinars, as well as our annual Anglia Examinations & English Connections Congress for English Language Professionals.

10 Interesting Facts About Peru

  1. The capital of Peru is Lima.
  2. Jungle covers over half of the country.
  3. Lake Titicaca is not only the largest lake in Peru, but it is the largest lake in South America.
  4. The ruins of the ancient Inca empire, Machu Picchu are located high up in the mountain forests of Peru.
  5.  The Ausangate mountain high in the Andes of Peru is known as 'Rainbow Mountain' because of the seven colours that can be seen, these colours are due to the different minerals in the soil.
  6. The national animal of Peru is the vicuna.
  7. The currency of Peru is the Nuevo Sol.
  8. Peru has three distinct geographical regions: the coast, the mountains, and the jungle.
  9. Peru has a hotel that offers capsule rooms hanging off a cliffside of a mountain.
  10. Cotahuasi Canyon is the one of the deepest canyons in the world, it is twice as deep as the Grand Canyon in the US.

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