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Anglia started operating in Bolivia a few years ago and has been expanding steadily since then. We have Official Examination Centres in 5 different departments of the country, including the capital cities of Sucre and La Paz.

Each year, we offer our various centres and members one paper-based English language exam session at the end of the school year (November/ December), and online exam sessions every month. Our exams include reading, writing, listening and speaking assessments at a variety of English language skills levels. The paper-based exams take place at official Anglia Examinations centres, whereas the newly launched online exams can be taken either from exam centres or from the comfort of the candidates’ home.

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Every January, Anglia participates in the Bolivian English Teachers’ Association (B.E.T.A.) International Convention, which promotes professional development in the EFL field. It is thanks to our presence in such events that we manage to always reach more and more teachers in the country and keep spreading the Anglia word.

 10 Interesting Facts About Bolivia

  1. Despite the name, Brazil nuts are mainly exported from Bolivia.
  2. Bolivia is home to the largest salt flat in the world. Salar de Uyuni is often described as a giant mirror.
  3. To educate people on road safety people sometimes dress up in zebra costumes and help at busy junctions and crossings.
  4. 'The clock of the South' is the clock on the National Building of Congress and it runs backwards.
  5. The largest butterfly sanctuary in the world is in Bolivia.
  6. Bolivia has 2 capital cities, La Paz and Sucre.
  7. If you are married, you can vote in Bolivia when you are 18. If you are not married you can vote when you turn 21.
  8. Bolivia has 3 different species of flamingo, including the very rare James' flamingo.
  9. Kantuta is the national flower of Bolivia.
  10. "Inia Boliviensis" or the Bolivian Pink Dolphin can be found in the Amazon river in Bolivia. Scientists have not reached a definite conclusion as to why these dolphins are pink.

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